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  1. @Ranger88 Did you ever get answers to your questions?
  2. @saraxoI just checked the PPI site and it looks like they have different options now. I essentially took the 3-month On-Demand course with all the textbooks, practice exams, etc. (They were bundled in the course). My work paid for the course, which helped make the decision on which course to take.
  3. @JMP1990 You should get your results back tomorrow morning ( @GirlsCanDesign told me about the Wednesday morning results). I got an email around 08:00am with the results. Best of luck!
  4. @Kara_ENGR I took the PPI On Demand course and would recommend it. It allows you to go at your own pace, and be more flexible with your study hours. This helped a lot since I was working full time and traveling a bit during my study period.
  5. If you take the PPI2Pass on-demand course, you can speed up the recordings (0.5x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x) to reduce the time of the lecture by decreasing pauses.
  6. Here's a summary of my PE experience Studying: I took the PPI2Pass on-demand course (books plus recorded lectures). I found the practice material to be very helpful and there was a lot of it, which played a roll in passing. I did diagnostic quizzes, content quizzes, book practice problems, quizzes in my weak areas, and took their practice exams a few times. I always had the NCEES reference handbook up during study to get comfortable with it. Their recorded lecture were helpful to provide another way to cover material. I used the 1.25x speed player options since the instructor talked a bit slow. This helped knock out each 3-hr lecture faster. Total hours spent preparing/studying = 186. I also realized the week before my test that I was never sent the PPI2Pass printed practice exams book... Test Experience: I found the test to have more qualitative problems on it than expected. It was also more similar to the PPI2Pass Online Practice Exams vs. the NCEES Practice Exam booklet. I was not able to "ctrl+F" search on my test, and had to click the search button each time. Also, you cannot hit enter to view the next search term, you have to select each one. This wasnt expected and took a minute to get used to. During the test, my keyboard stopped working and I was asked to leave the room while my computer was shutoff and rebooted. This was pretty nervewracking and I am happy that I passed or else I would question the validity of the test and lost time. I finished the morning section with a few minutes to spare, and finished the afternoon section with 45mins left. Bring snacks/coffee and take a quick unscheduled break if you are good on time and hit a wall. Cough drops are the only food allowed in the test room, so bring a few of them to keep your energy level up (sugar). Advice: Put genuine time into studying. When you are taking the test, accept that you wont know the answer to all questions and move on.
  7. Results came earlier than expected. Got an email this morning (Wednesday) with the results, and I PASSED! Such a feeling of relief and excitement. Will provide a more expanded summary of my experience later.
  8. @BioEngineer I had a sheet of equations that were not in the handbook that I memorized before the test. Turns out I didn't use any of those equations on the exam.
  9. Took the CBT test this week...results pending! Definitely a tough test and agree with @GirlsCanDesign on the random concept questions, they got me.
  10. Thank you for the insight @GirlsCanDesign, very helpful. Im about a week out from the test and new to the forum. Taking the ppi2pass course. I've found the PPI exams much easier than the NCEES practice test, or should I say the NCEES practice test was much harder than the PPI tests. Any last advice to give a week out?
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