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  1. There are many training institutes which deliver short term training in Europe and Asia. The mode of training is online as well as classroom mode. Interested students can join training in various domains like CS/EE/EC/ME/Embedded System/Autocad and many more. For online as well as class room training modes students can select 6 weeks and 6 months training modules. Electrical engineer can join internship training program for get industrial skill during training period. Thanks!
  2. If we look into the past years papers of JEE Main and JEE Advanced, it is mostly seen that the difficulty level of Physics is the highest followed by Math. Chemistry is easier in comparison and is considered to be one of the most scoring subjects. If you look deeper, each subject has a difficult portion. For example, in Physics, Mechanics is known to be tough; in Chemistry, it’s Inorganic Chemistry; in Math, it’s usually algebra. This is mostly because these topics aren’t that easy to grasp.
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