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  1. If the CBT exams are available you indeed failed. Dismissing this loophole gives people a false sense of hope of passing, but certain folks are gonna be in for a rude awakening come next week.
  2. The best part in all this is that I’m not trolling. For those of you who found out they failed already, next exam cycle try the method I outlined the weekend after taking the exam and again 2 weeks prior to score releases.
  3. Believe it or not you soon will find out
  4. This has been posted once before, but it always gets buried. Receiving the survey is a joke. Don't pay attention to that noise. This method works 2 or 3 weeks before scores get releases to your state board. So it is active at the moment. First step I will prove that this is true. 1. log into your MyNCEES. 2. Click on Register for an exam 3. Click on Fundamentals of Engineering tab. Regardless of what discipline you took your FE exam, you will see "exam of this type has already been passed" all in red for all disciplines. The above shows this method is true. 4. Now click on Principles and Practice of Engineering tab. If you are able to register for PE chemical, PE environmental, PE Nuclear, etc it means you failed the exam. My co-worker's account his tabs are green is able to register. On my account it is unavailable in red font. you're welcome
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