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  1. I was one of the 12(!) first-time test takers. I can almost seeing it going away as well. I have a hard time believing CompSci would be very sucessful for the same reason. Hardware description language is a large portion of the test, and they generally don't see FPGAs. It would take a lot of studying to be successful. Not impossible; just difficult. Personally, I work in a utility industry which values licensure. For example, becoming a lead or principal engineer requires advance degree or licensure. Taking time to earn a technical masters degree is a much more difficult road to sled in my opinion.
  2. Hey @ChebyshevII_PE, we've increased the CompE PE contingent today!
  3. SC is out @Ranger1316 @gotigers
  4. South Carolina out @ 11:17
  5. I'm in Clemson today for graduation. Should I pay NCEES a visit before I leave or no?
  6. solidorange


    @preeb Is that "p" avatar from the Prince Tennis logo?
  7. Sounds like results come out based on time zone. Glad I'm in EDT.
  8. The optimism comes from looking only at the April administrations. The past four April exam results were released 41, 35, 34, & 34 days later. The October exams generally take longer, with the assumed reason being the Thanksgiving holiday pushing the result out.
  9. Today is day 33, which is probably the first realistic day for result release!
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