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  1. The NCEES main page actually contains a link to the current exam status with respect to COVID-19, found here: As of now everything will be proceeding as scheduled, but I would suggest checking every now and then to ensure there are no changes (particularly if you happen to live in one of the areas with the most cases).
  2. Sorry for the late-ish response to this, but you should absolutely be asking for substantially *more* than $100K given your experience! To provide some context, I am currently still in school and have ZERO years of full-time working experience, and I recently signed an offer for $72.5K, plus $6K profit sharing and a much more generous benefits package than what you described - and this is even before the company I signed with was aware that I had passed the PE exam! (Still won’t be eligible immediately for the actual license due to missing the work experience requirement.) Anyway, that’s just to provide some context for you. Don’t be afraid to be aggressive in asking for what you are worth!
  3. That is amazing! Mad props to you for having the dedication to keep trying - you more than deserved this!
  4. Reporting in from sunny Los Angeles, California: passed! Got the email at 11:41 AM PST (2:41 PM EST).
  5. Ruth_W

    CA Results!

    California just came out! I PASSED!
  6. Huh. But then, why the sudden change? Prior to 12/9 I got the "Registration opens on 12/9" message, then between 12/9 and now it was "Exam of this type has already been registered", and now as of this morning it's showing I can register again. Would be a bummer if I had to retake it - it was a bad week for me anyhow; my grandfather passed away and I had a midterm in a class all in the same week (I'm currently a grad student).
  7. Hey guys! Long-time lurker of this board - I know the "register for the next exam" trick has been thoroughly debunked, but I just logged on and instead of saying "Exam of this type has already been registered" as it has for the past few days, I am now able to register again for the same exam I took. I don't know if that still means nothing, or if it's an early sign that I failed.
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