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  1. @N_Mo hmmm, interesting. if that’s the case, it sounds like you can pass with 3A and 1UA (say 9 points each and I doubt they give 10/10) and only 29 in the morning... Based on @TehMightyEngineer‘s collection, it just doesn’t add up to me. 28+ in AM and 3A/1IR in PM where I think the line is. @Nathan55 and yes I feel ya. Sounds like they like to read more than looking at numbers
  2. @Hindianapolis All I can say is that those of who that got so close to passing just had gotten the low end of the Acceptable spectrum. 60% in AM and 76% in PM is 68% overall... I’d agree the cut score is 72-75%.
  3. I still find it hard to believe one Unacceptable can still pass, especially if left completely blank. A friend of mine took PPI and said someone failed with a score of 33 in AM and A/A/IR/IR in PM. That already sounds BS to me that you can’t pass with that score. In my engineer head, I’m thinking...Say each problem contributes 25 pt in the PM. Maybe range of being Acceptable is 19-25 pt (76% and above), and IR is 15-18pt (60%-76%), and anything below 14 pt (<56%) is Unacceptable. Based on that assumption, that PM score above gives a range of 68 to 86 pt. And even if you take 68 pt in PM and average it with 33/40 in AM, I’m still getting almost like 75% overall. And remember this is the low end of each range add up. If you take the high end, we get almost 85% overall. And with one Unacceptable, you can only match that if you score 95% in the morning. (95+75)/2=85...which is 38/40. of course, this is all just assumptions and we will never find out how NCEES grade our exams. Hopefully @Chuckimus can enlighten me because I’m just SHOCKED.
  4. @Sheik That was exactly my issue in the first round. Study hard on loads, methods and analysis because they do contribute like 10+ problems in AM per spec. These 3 area are also crucial in the afternoon. You will nail this test next time!
  5. @Sheik I have heard good things about EET. A friend of mine took it and showed me his notes provided by the class and they seemed very thorough. Because I’m from California, I do seismic on a daily basis and so I did feel lateral was more straightforward for me. Vertical was tougher for me that it covered broader materials and also a lot of more “school” stuff that I just had to brush up on. I would recommend a course because it pretty much figures out the schedule for you and I think that is already a big factor in terms of wisely distributing your time on each area. What I found useful too was the specification from NCEES, try to stick to that and don’t over spend time studying material that has 1 or 2 questions on. From the previous diagnostic I knew what I needed to polish on and I made sure I could do those problems comfortably this time around. Hope it helps.
  6. I passed Vertical on my second try!!! I’m really glad this is over! I’m sorry to hear those who didn’t pass but don’t give up! I’m here to provide any advice (if it’s useful to you) let me know! and congrats to those who passed this round
  7. I also forgot to mention that last December before I got the notification email from NCEES, say an hour or so, I was getting spam emails from review course vendors. Perhaps they find out before us when exactly NCEES pushes that release button ? Hmmmm
  8. @Maya_206 For re-taker, if you calculate the date of results released to the actual date of exam, I am getting about 4 months plus/minus a week. Last December it was released on the 11th so for the April exam I had 4 months minus a week to study, whereas if we find out results tomorrow or Monday, there’s actually more time for October. And of course this would only seem fair if we are just talking about one component. I passed lateral last October and having 4 months to study for vertical seemed plenty of time for me. Study more doesn’t always mean it’s a positive thing. At least for me, I couldn’t remember the stuff I studied the first month and had to refresh almost everything when it comes to crunch time. It’s just my two cents.
  9. Yeah thank you for the input. I’m hopeful that I’ll get some partial credits from other parts of the problem but at the same time if I were the grader I could see that as a big no check which can reflect incompetency. I mean, it’s probably the reason for such low passing rate because the room for error is so small. And I feel that sometimes we can be at lower risk of messing up the problem if we provide procedure instead of numbers to walk the grader through the problem. That saves time and eliminates room for numerical error. Just a thought. Good luck everyone and just enjoy the time now.
  10. I am currently going through stage 1 mentioned above. A little background of myself: I took both first time last October and passed only lateral. I felt that Friday was tough for me and it did not surprise me at all that I got only 23/40, A,A,IR,UA because I really didn’t understand some parts of the afternoon problems or what they were looking for. I also did not feel so confident about morning because there were a few questions I just blindly guessed due to time. Retook vertical this past Friday and felt good walking out in the morning with more prep this time around. For PM, I finished all problems in time but rushed through last problem only to realize now that I may have missed an important check which could lead to domino effect from one part to the next. My question is, is this an automatic UA or in anyways can be spared as a IR? I really don’t know if missing that crucial check would put me under the category of “not understanding the concept”. I’d like to hear from you all because this is way too early for me to think about this for two months. Thanks in advance!
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