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  1. Yeah thank you for the input. I’m hopeful that I’ll get some partial credits from other parts of the problem but at the same time if I were the grader I could see that as a big no check which can reflect incompetency. I mean, it’s probably the reason for such low passing rate because the room for error is so small. And I feel that sometimes we can be at lower risk of messing up the problem if we provide procedure instead of numbers to walk the grader through the problem. That saves time and eliminates room for numerical error. Just a thought. Good luck everyone and just enjoy the time now.
  2. I am currently going through stage 1 mentioned above. A little background of myself: I took both first time last October and passed only lateral. I felt that Friday was tough for me and it did not surprise me at all that I got only 23/40, A,A,IR,UA because I really didn’t understand some parts of the afternoon problems or what they were looking for. I also did not feel so confident about morning because there were a few questions I just blindly guessed due to time. Retook vertical this past Friday and felt good walking out in the morning with more prep this time around. For PM, I finished all problems in time but rushed through last problem only to realize now that I may have missed an important check which could lead to domino effect from one part to the next. My question is, is this an automatic UA or in anyways can be spared as a IR? I really don’t know if missing that crucial check would put me under the category of “not understanding the concept”. I’d like to hear from you all because this is way too early for me to think about this for two months. Thanks in advance!
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