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  1. There are always gov jobs available if you would like to go to public sector. For private, probably most of those would post after fiscal year approvals from respective engineering firms.
  2. Congrats! Coincidentally this is also my 10th year since going back to Community College after dropping out of school. For me, PMP is next. Maybe MBA if company pays for it. But my main focus is now on family more than career. One thing to include in your plan for sure is to ensure you come back at least 20 times to troll others.
  3. Wow. I actually did a similar thing two days ago in Minneapolis. EB meetups are officially a thing!
  4. I have a Civil Engineering degree and have never heard of AACE certifications until now. I honestly haven't seen any job listings for Engineers require or prefer AACE certifications. It sounded like you aren't actually designing anything, that could be the reason why you are struggling with PE exam. I myself just passed PE but am also considering taking PMP exam next year. A lot of times, engineers also manage projects. If you aren't designing or managing, then why would you need either PE or PMP certification? The catch is eventually you will need either PE or PMP to be able to move to a higher level. I prefer PE as you only need to do it once. PMPs need to retake the exam every 5 years.
  5. not sure what exam you took but talk of the town was that the PM was way trickier than AM. the same EET adverts could be applied for previous exams but definitely not in April 2019. Good try.
  6. it's pretty general topics on safety for the first exam. it's mostly conceptual questions on the exam. i would say the concepts can be applied to all kinds of roads, not just highways. most people go for PTOE but it's not just about ops, safety should be the first priority for any design.
  7. Anyone looking at this is welcome to join me, @8-10 Weeks Later, and @WiMN195 at Fulton Brewery today at 4pm for happy hour. Look for the CERM book and NCEES Orange Pencil when you walk in.
  8. I literally had a minute left and 8-10 questions left to fill. Based on my answers from the other 30ish problems that I am confident with, "A" showed up only 2 times. Going for "A" is a no-brainer.
  9. I think Allison is the only staff for licensing. I suggest we could go volunteer to help her.
  10. I would love to find out how many of those "A"s was actually correct, but I couldn't. I did the same thing for my FE exam on paper (last one in 2013) as well, "B" for AM and "C" for PM, also passed.
  11. Just by looking at your AM scores, 24 isn't good enough at all. You should target at least 30-32 for AM. I found the topics on Project Planning, Means and Methods, and Site Development very general for all Civil disciplines. Anyone that has engineering work experience should be able to answer those relatively quickly with appropriate study and practice problems. On your second attempt you only got 5/12 on those 3 topics, which if you were able to answer them all correct, it would have brought you to 31 instead of 24 for AM. Continue to sharpen your strengths and don't let it go down again. Also I am not sure what your exam strategy was. I have said elsewhere on this forum that I spent the first 5-10 minutes reading through all the 40 questions and determine the order I will go with. I was only able to answer around 55 questions with confidence, guessed educatedly with around 10, and literally putting all "A"s (for PM) or "C"s (for AM) down for the remaining 15 questions I had no idea with. The ABCDs are equally distributed (10 each) so you should have an idea on what answers choice would give you the best chance to win the lottery.
  12. I took PPI for Civil Transpo and passed. No data points from EET but it never hurts to do practice problems. Practice more and often.
  13. No one really knows. I suggest you could join the NCEES Board of Directors and then tell us.
  14. Yes John. It was the easiest man. I circled 10 "A"s in the last minute of my PE depth session and still passed. Rumor has it.
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