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  1. I find it very peaceful. For daily driving, it's the perfect car. Also instant torque at 0 RPM is its own bag of fun.
  2. Meanwhile, I drive around in a Volt that doesn't make any noise.
  3. WELL SHIT. WE'RE DONE HERE! .... income
  4. I would look for something used on Craigslist if it's just casual riding. New bikes are expensive, and I would rather not buy a new Walmart bike.
  5. Oh no, I don't want to be drowning in bikes 6 months from now!
  6. I've talked to a LBS about some of these issues and they ran me through some of the benefits of the road bikes. They said they would take the blue book value of the bike, which is about half of the original cost. I do think I will keep the bike I have for commuting, but at least try some of the road bikes at the shops to see how they feel. I did buy this bike originally for commuting. The roads here in Upstate NY get torn up due to the weather and other factors. It wasn't until I went on the group ride that I felt the urge to get another bike. I'll have to try some out at the LBS to feel the difference. I'm not sure if this is something that any of my LBS's do, I'll have to call them and find out. Another thought I had is to go on more group rides and ask if anyone has an extra bike they would let me borrow. It would be good practice anyway to get me ready for the event. Thanks for tips, guys.
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