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  1. I am in Arkansas and took the PE in April. I did not have my EI(T) status.
  2. My assumption is that it most of the questions were so hard, the cut score was so low, they just passed everyone. Haha. I'd love to know the reasons, but also am fine to just sit here all happy with my little green passed button.
  3. Industrial. Passed! Also, finally got my Linda Stone email. So official now!
  4. I still haven't received an email either. I do think Arkansas does it the old way by notifying if you pass before the NCEES approval. A guy here that I work with took it last year and got the AR email before he got the NCEES email. Also, not sure that they go alphabetically, someone else in my office took it a few years ago and said others in AR were getting notified on Thursday and she was frustrated because NCEES still said pending for her and she didn't find out until Friday. Her last name starts with "B", so maybe they go by discipline or some internal numbering system.
  5. It seems a bit unrealistic that he is the only person that passed out of a couple of us and all of his buddies. (Really trying to stay positive here and not let this drag me down for the night)
  6. I have not received anything yet in Arkansas. I took the Industrial exam though.
  7. No, because it will be next Friday because next Friday is day 42 and 42 is obviously the answer.
  8. I took the IE exam in AR. Not many of us around. I am really unsure about how it went. Not very confident.
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