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  1. Passed both first try. This test sucks so bad, very sorry to those that failed.
  2. Those scores are better than the previously estimated cut lines posted here
  3. So did I add that up right, you got 23/40 and A/A/A/IR and still didnt pass? WTF.
  4. Not a lot of passing scores =\ this stinks
  5. sorry if this might upset you, but that actually makes me a bit mad. i dont think you should be able to leave an afternoon problem COMPLETELY blank and still pass
  6. how does that work? I thought if you got a single unacceptable in the afternoon it was game over. You passed lateral leaving one of 4 blank?
  7. im going to get literally 0 work done today
  8. for those that took the test in a state that doesnt require board approval to sit for the exam - we basically have to wait for NCEES right?
  9. do the results get posted at different times to NCEES depending on where you took the test?
  10. After 5pm EST and no results, welp
  11. Of course they prefer we all fail. They have a monopoly on the licensure exam and they make money when people register for the exam and buy their practice tests, etc. We should be thankful they don't charge $5,000 to take the exam. edit - ok so maybe not all of us, they need a certain amount to pass (probably around the 30% range where they have it), else more people would call them out for foul play. They also have to sell their practice exams so if no one ever passed then they wouldnt be able to claim their practice exams were worth anything.
  12. im imagine just a huge stack of them sitting on the desk of whoever job it is to input them all. maybe they spilled a big cup of coffee on them and now they're drying them out
  13. But what if you're still sleeping
  14. seems pointless if you have an SE.
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