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  1. Hey Takk90, The question asks "According to the NEC" and therefore you must use the motors' NEC FLC used to size of conductors. The author dropped the 125% on the latest errata: https://www.engproguides.com/powerreferenceexamerrata.pdf (Since 125% is for wire sizing, but we are just trying to find the actual voltage drop during 100% operation) I hope this helps.
  2. Hello - hope all is well. For Minimum Motor Conductor Ampacity, lookup the motors FLC using HP and voltage rating from NEC Tables 430.247-250. Do not use the motors nameplate FLC. If conductor serves only one motor that is continuous duty, multiply FLC (found on tables) by 125%. Hope this helps.
  3. Thank you very much for your input
  4. Does the EngPro Final exam differ much from the Full Exam?
  5. For me would be the ones I’m familiar with LOL, being that I took the course in graduate school and so it comes back to me relatively quick compared the topics I’ve never seen: 3ph Power, fault analysis, rotating matches (somewhat - my power systems course touched upon this subject lightly), transmission lines and relay protection. The rest are new to me but I don’t think they’re that bad. I’m doing best to practice diff study guide problems, practice problems and will enroll next week in Zach’s course. Something gotta give lol I hope your studies are going well [emoji1545]
  6. I appreciate everyone who has taken their time to provide input. All is very value information [emoji1545].
  7. For me, I have found best in creating my own formula sheet as I am going through problems/topics (kind of like a condensed version of the study guides because I am writing notes as well). I am using graffaeo/eng proguides/the essential text book resources mentioned here.
  8. Could see the prob? I have never seen current conj used to obtain the real power
  9. Yes you are correct. What I do is convert all Voltages & Currents to their phase values and apply: V1/V2 = I2/I1 And hence solving for Vtransmission line: Vline (on Wye-side of TX1) = sqrt(3) * 12.47kV *[1130.36A/(122.57A*sqrt(3))] The root 3's cancel out and you are left with Vline = 12.47kV * (1130.36A/122.57A)
  10. Well Thank you my friend - his material is great. Your TOC is amazing - I have continued to utilize it all throughout this process
  11. Good-morning, I was looking through Justines' "Power PE online Prep Course" outline and would like to know if anyone has done it in the past. If so, can you provide me with your feedback on the course? Thank you, M. Feliz
  12. Hello, If anyone has the following and would like to sell to me, please make me aware: -Hazardous area classification code books (NFPA 497-2017, 499-2017, and 30B-2015) Thank you.
  13. Good-morning, I found this equation in Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems by Theodore Wildi (5th Edition) Chapter 30 - Harmonics pg 800 (eq. 30.1) "Effective value of a distorted voltage" V = Effective value of the distorted Voltage Vf = Effective value of the fundamental Vh = Effective value of all the harmonics I hope this helps.
  14. Justin details their content as the same: Test yourself in all the Power PE Exam topics Measurement & Instrumentation (4 of 80 problems) Applications (8 of 80 problems) Codes & Standards (12 of 80 problems) Circuit Analysis (9 of 80 problems) Devices & Power Electronic Circuits (7 of 80 problems) Rotating Machines (8 of 80 problems) Electric Power Devices (8 of 80 problems) Transmission & Distribution (11 of 80 problems) Protection (13 of 80 problems) Difference on the "Final Exam" spec page: Updated based on input from April 2019 examinees. @justin-hawaii
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