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  1. Could see the prob? I have never seen current conj used to obtain the real power
  2. Yes you are correct. What I do is convert all Voltages & Currents to their phase values and apply: V1/V2 = I2/I1 And hence solving for Vtransmission line: Vline (on Wye-side of TX1) = sqrt(3) * 12.47kV *[1130.36A/(122.57A*sqrt(3))] The root 3's cancel out and you are left with Vline = 12.47kV * (1130.36A/122.57A)
  3. Well Thank you my friend - his material is great. Your TOC is amazing - I have continued to utilize it all throughout this process
  4. Good-morning, I was looking through Justines' "Power PE online Prep Course" outline and would like to know if anyone has done it in the past. If so, can you provide me with your feedback on the course? Thank you, M. Feliz
  5. Hello, If anyone has the following and would like to sell to me, please make me aware: -Hazardous area classification code books (NFPA 497-2017, 499-2017, and 30B-2015) Thank you.
  6. Good-morning, I found this equation in Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems by Theodore Wildi (5th Edition) Chapter 30 - Harmonics pg 800 (eq. 30.1) "Effective value of a distorted voltage" V = Effective value of the distorted Voltage Vf = Effective value of the fundamental Vh = Effective value of all the harmonics I hope this helps.
  7. Justin details their content as the same: Test yourself in all the Power PE Exam topics Measurement & Instrumentation (4 of 80 problems) Applications (8 of 80 problems) Codes & Standards (12 of 80 problems) Circuit Analysis (9 of 80 problems) Devices & Power Electronic Circuits (7 of 80 problems) Rotating Machines (8 of 80 problems) Electric Power Devices (8 of 80 problems) Transmission & Distribution (11 of 80 problems) Protection (13 of 80 problems) Difference on the "Final Exam" spec page: Updated based on input from April 2019 examinees. @justin-hawaii
  8. Hello. I was having a discussion with Roy through PM regarding "Differential Protection of a Three-phase Wye-Delta or Delta-Wye" and wanted to upload 2 related problems. Roy as I had mentioned, 3-Ph Wye-Delta or Delta-Wye connected Transformers produce 30 degree phase shifts in Line Currents. Therefore, CTs must be connected: On Wye side of the Tx in Delta On the Delta side of the Tx in Wye. As a result, CT secondaries that are in Delta must be multiplied by root 3 to obtain current CT secondary current (as shown in problem 2) Please refer to the image I have uploaded: After inquiring/speaking with author of Problem 1, the problem will be revised to indicate 30 degree phase shift is neglected. Problem 2 shows the correct or rather common approach in finding the CT secondary current connected in delta. Thank you and please make me aware if my understanding is not correct.
  9. Correct - I had: *Znew = 10 angle(30) x (400/480)^2 = 6.94 angle (30) *Zdiff = Zold- Znew = 10 angle(30) - 6.94 angle(30) = 3.06 angle(30) Thanks Roy - I don't think the correction was made on the guide.
  10. Good-morning all, From the attached problem, can anyone help me find a reference as to where: "impedance of the new transformer will be reduced by the square of the voltage change" comes from? I initially solved this problem by Znew = zold * (Vold/Vnew)^2 but I am assuming it will not work because it applies to Zpu.
  11. Good evening. I am looking for the these references. If anyone is looking to sell theirs, please message me. Thank you.
  12. Greetings, Although I may not be active in the forum, I have been putting consistent studying while reading past posts related to the Power Pe Exam (has been extremely helpful in directing me towards approach, resources and over all motivation). I do appreciate Roy publicly expressing his/her concern for those of us who are in the come-up for the exam (which in truth is a surprise to me - Roys’ response to my simple doubts to my simple questions have been callously delivered and as a result have refrained from further communication with him/her - nonetheless Roy thank you) I would like to give a special shout out and appreciation to Eduardo L - he has consistently been a great help to me (incredible person & extremely knowledgeable). Justin K. from EngPro - thank you brother for clarifying doubts I may have (prompt/concise/intellectual person) Roy - should you feel there are topics of focus or any sort of hints that may be of help to us, please enlighten us with your experienced knowledge (NEC/Protection from what I’ve investigated being the key topics ). As for the rest, please post questions/doubts and I will do all I can to help. We rise together. Moises F.
  13. Congrats and great write-up on your Experience Ricardo. I’d like to know how long did you do Zach’s Pe Review course. Also, are you selling any of the materials by any chance (I pm’d you asking the same)? Thanks !
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