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  1. Does not matter as long as you passed ... Thank your lucky stars!
  2. Atf TX

    Texas Results

    How do you determine cut score? I got 73. Is 70 the cutoff?
  3. Atf TX

    Texas Results

    what is the difference? I still need to gain the work experience requirements.. so i still have some time
  4. @RBHeadge PE now that I have passed my PE can my rank be changed from Intern to something else? how do I change that? Do I need to apply to RB Hedge board of engineers?
  5. Passed Mechanical in TX!
  6. Atf TX

    Texas Results

    Yes, it will change.. you will have to enter your last name initials etc..
  7. Atf TX

    Texas Results It will be up this afternoon..
  8. @RBHeadge PE. Thank you for all you do for this forum. It just amazes me to see your influence here. I am sure a lot of people on this forum appreciate what you do. Once again thank you!
  9. I am sorry to hear that.. but don't worry. You will come back stronger. I wish you all the best!
  10. Thank you! Phew... Thank god... Thank everyone.. To everyone who passed congrats!... To everyone who did not clear.. Its alright.. I am sure you all will come back stronger.. and get this done with! All the best
  11. Atf TX

    Texas Results

    TEXAS IS OUT!!!!
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