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  1. @ZW_Pub_Power @Road Guy @akwooly @tj_PE Shoot me your e-mail when you get a chance if you're still interested😎
  2. I sent out the first couple of invites so shoot me your email if you're interested😎
  3. We could definitely do that to make it easier. Maybe your board name for team name and then a mascot of your choosing? Or just your board name for team name to keep it simple? Usually 7 bench spots but we could certainly do less and not do the limits for each position.
  4. I'll set the league up tonight and send out invites as I get e-mails. As for the draft, maybe Saturday August 24th or August 31 around 5 pm eastern so we're not taking up the whole Saturday night?
  5. I'll be commissioner if nobody objects. I can set up a league on ESPN so I would only need people's e-mail to send out invites. PPR is fine with me and as for rosters, I've usually gone with... QB RB1, RB2 WR1, WR2 Flex TE D/ST K ...I also like having a max for each position like 3 QB's, 5 RB's and 5 WR's to keep people from hoarding and to make it more interesting. The draft date would probably be best on the weekend, probably in the next few weeks. I definitely want to avoid the slow draft lol.
  6. I would hang it on the wall in the shop/garage and grab another one. For the same price to fix it, you get to keep the memories and get a lighter, newer carrier.
  7. Seems like we have quite a bit of interest. Let's get opinions on details and feel free to add anything you think of. PPR or no? What date and time for the draft? ESPN or Yahoo?
  8. Don't be afraid to bring too much. I brought all the design standards for Transportation and didn't use half of them but there were a few questions I got after perusing relatively unfamiliar sources.
  9. I would love to be a part of one. All of mine have been with ESPN so I could set one up there if we get a few more people.
  10. A lot of people will tell you take a break the week before the exam or at least a few days. I wish I would have taken this advice as I tried to go over everything the day before. It ended up being a waste of time as I was so burnt out and you really only know what you already know in the final week before the exam. Long story short: Try not to burn yourself out and take a break within the final week before the exam😎
  11. I used the 15th edition this past April and would not have had any issue using the 14th. As tj_PE stated though, check if there have been any significant changes. The CERM is very useful but I found myself using my School of PE notes much more.
  12. NCEES is just a synonym for frustrating lol and it sounds like we're both just glad to be done😎
  13. That didn't sound pompous at all🙄
  14. That's a great deal, always been a fan of Falken even though I've only had buddies with them like the Ziex 912.
  15. Any idea which brand? I've had good luck with Hankook and Continental but I loathe the stock Firestone tires on my '16 Impala.
  16. Also known as the peak of Dolphins football😩
  17. I had completely forgotten about this awesome advice. I brought trash bags with me on test day and they were lifesavers with the downpour that didn't stop before my exam.
  18. Being comfortable and organized on test day makes a big difference. Calculator is more preference tho.
  19. Definitely do EET. A buddy at work just failed WRE after doing School of PE and is probably going to pay to take EET for the next time around.
  20. I used the TI-36 throughout college/my career but I switched to the Casio for the exam simply because the DMS was easier to use. I had my old TI-36 as a backup tho.
  21. I took Transpo in South Carolina in April and I had the same experience. I usually had 5 or 6 references/binders on the table at once. No need for a shelf system when everything is out lol.
  22. I took Transportation but a good rolling cart is a good idea. I would recommend a folding luggage cart with milk crates. I took a full size hand truck with folding teacher carts and it was a bear to get around.
  23. All of my notes were in pencil and I didn't have any issues in South Carolina. The main thing is to not scribble in your notes during the actual exam.
  24. That's a good excuse to get a good wrecking bar...
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