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  1. Somebody tried to offload AB, won’t mention names tho... @jean15paul Should I start Stafford, Jimmy G or Jameis in my other league? Unfortunate Cam owner there lol
  2. It’s no problem at all. It wasn’t too long ago I was going through all the threads I could, trying to find out all I could to prepare for the exam😬 Definitely tab the references. It’s just as important as tabbing your notes. Try to tab anything reference-wise you use in practice problems and the review course will note common tables, sections, etc you should know. I know with SOPE you couldn’t start OnDemand until after the Fall exam so I would assume EET is similar. Another good piece of advice is try not to burn yourself out. Put in the 200+ hours but try to spread out your study schedule so you’re not studying like crazy for three months straight like I did lol.
  3. No problem man and definitely do EET. Make sure you tab everything you possibly can, even if you don't think you need to. I did more tabbing for the PE exam than I had my entire life lol
  4. That's a good point and the main advantage of on-demand is getting a jump on the live courses which are only a few months before the exam. You really can't go wrong with SOPE or EET but, like I said, I just think SOPE lags behind EET for the afternoon portion. I would say EET and SOPE are much closer in quality for the morning portion. My main point in saying I mainly used SOPE notes was I didn't use the CERM much at all. It was much easier to have the five subject notes split up into binders I knew like the back of my hand from doing the course. It was really surprising getting the majority of my answers from my class notes. It sounds like you won't have to shell out too much out of pocket😎 It's a pain to bring all the references but it is worth it. I didn't use half of the listed references but you never know what might be included, even from the lesser known references. SOPE went over the most likely things to be included in the exam from the references. The main thing is to flip through and be familiar with the references. You may not know one by heart but if you know the general section, you have a chance. I've used the MUTCD and Green Book quite a bit so I had a head start but I had to quickly become familiar with the HCM and HSM. Don't kill yourself trying to know every nook and cranny of every reference but just try to have a good idea, especially on the major ones I mentioned above.
  5. I took SOPE for the April 2019 Transportation exam and I would definitely recommend EET. That is not to say I regret taking SOPE but the depth portion of their review is lacking compared to what I have seen from EET. The breadth portion is great for both SOPE and EET and I almost exclusively used SOPE notes for the morning session. As far as taking on-demand or not, I took both and found it to be very beneficial. Taking the live classes on the weekend really forced me to keep up, even after a long week at work. I watched almost all the on-demand classes before my first live session which allowed the live versions to reinforce my learning instead of being something to simply keep up with. Definitely check if your employer will reimburse the cost of the classes. I passed the exam so let me know if you have any other questions.
  6. I just tried Bosch Icons and they are horrible. Started streaking within a month so I'm going to go back to Rain-X Latitude next time around. Cheapest prices I have found are at Walmart or on Amazon.
  7. My matchup in Week 2 was much closer than I expected😁 Thinking of dropping Big Ben(obviously lol) and Cam in my other league for Stafford and Garappolo. Thoughts?🤔
  8. I had something similar with my old Chevy Cavalier and it turned out to be a heat shield rattling against the exhaust. Simply bent it back toward the car and problem was solved.
  9. Live look at the Dolphins season...
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