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  1. All of my notes were in pencil and I didn't have any issues in South Carolina. The main thing is to not scribble in your notes during the actual exam.
  2. That's a good excuse to get a good wrecking bar...
  3. I learned this after my Dad needed a rear bumper for his Sierra. I went for the "middle of the road" price wise with a new one and it worked great. A lot of those new bumpers come with new hardware so maybe you can just unbolt from the frame and not have to mess with the old bumper at all.
  4. I just did this on my Impala and the wife's Encore. Went with ACDelco for both on the Encore but ended up with an ACDelco air filter and Fram cabin air filter on the Impala. The Fram cabin air filter was a few dollars cheaper and I was curious if the baking soda/Febreze actually did anything. Nothing to write home about but the car does smell better lol.
  5. To update this: I didn’t take any pics of the carts stacked on the hand truck but I would not recommend this. If I had to take it again, I would use milk crates instead. I thought I would stack the carts to make a bookshelf for the exam but most of the references I needed fit on the exam table just fine. I only had to rummage through a folding cart a few times during the PM session.
  6. Not really needed in Florida😋 But akwooly is right, you can find quality aftermarket ones. Just make sure you have a reputable shop install it with a warranty if you don't put it in yourself.
  7. Have you been contacted by a recruiter? My last job search wasn't going too well until I was contacted by a recruiter who did a lot of leg work and introduced me to companies I had never heard of. I know how frustrating the job search can be so good luck man😎
  8. Definitely this. Sounds like it's just been on there forever so if an impact doesn't do it, then resort to hacking and hoping.
  9. I definitely agree the PM was trickier but everyone prepares differently and he could have simply focused more on the PM section.
  10. This really depends on which discipline you want to go into. I know college helped tremendously with Transportation even though a lot of what I use day to day was learned on the job.
  11. South Carolina did the same thing except they had pizza so I brought Jimmy Johns in my cooler lol. I remember someone posting they knew somebody who use to make the test and they had told them that. I don't put much weight in it since most people aren't going to be guessing on the whole exam. Pick your favorite letter and go with it for your WAG's. The write-up is nicely done and informative, especially for those looking to take the exam in October. I would suggest multiple totes/milk crates for better organization before and during the exam.
  12. You only get your raw score if you fail and receive the diagnostic report outlining the subject areas and how you did compared to the average. That's why the ones who passed outside Texas just have pass next to their name. You can only guess at the cut score after looking at the highest failing scores.
  13. My confidence was a few less in the morning and about the same in the PM. I used School of PE but I can only partially recommend it. SoPE was awesome for the AM session but not so much for the PM.
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