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  1. South Carolina did the same thing except they had pizza so I brought Jimmy Johns in my cooler lol. I remember someone posting they knew somebody who use to make the test and they had told them that. I don't put much weight in it since most people aren't going to be guessing on the whole exam. Pick your favorite letter and go with it for your WAG's. The write-up is nicely done and informative, especially for those looking to take the exam in October. I would suggest multiple totes/milk crates for better organization before and during the exam.
  2. You only get your raw score if you fail and receive the diagnostic report outlining the subject areas and how you did compared to the average. That's why the ones who passed outside Texas just have pass next to their name. You can only guess at the cut score after looking at the highest failing scores.
  3. My confidence was a few less in the morning and about the same in the PM. I used School of PE but I can only partially recommend it. SoPE was awesome for the AM session but not so much for the PM.
  4. Definitely can't say thank you enough😀
  5. Frustrating things are frustrating🤔
  6. I hate you for posting this early😒
  7. Columbia actually wasn't that bad. Other than the rain, the big auditorium was fine and I sat only three rows from the front. The fun part was having to run out in the rain to grab my calculators I left in the car lol. Come on South Carolina🧐
  8. I was so optimistic I’d get my SC results today lol
  9. Common sense says don't do that and be patient. Patience is kind of a big deal in engineering...
  10. Think this got lost in the shuffle...
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