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  1. I would definitely recommend. The food is good and pretty cheap. The furniture is hit and miss but good for the most part. It's dangerous living close to one lol
  2. It really depends on the workload. Last year around this time, we were working 60-70 to get projects out the door. Studying for the PE exam, I was strictly 40 and now I hover from 40-45. Smaller consulting firm btw
  3. Ranger1316

    EB Mafia

    At least I got through one round this time, still yet to be mafia😑
  4. Ranger1316

    EB Mafia

    Townies are just quiet, not suspiciously quiet...
  5. Ranger1316

    EB Mafia

    Lies are full of lies, @ChebyshevII PE seems to be protecting one or more mafia members...
  6. Ranger1316

    EB Mafia

    She’s voting for a townie......mafia confirmed again🧐
  7. Ranger1316

    EB Mafia

    @JayKay PE I vote for @RBHeadge PE since he has been suspiciously quiet which makes him doubly suspicious....
  8. Ranger1316

    EB Mafia

    Trying to seem confused.........mafia confirmed😎
  9. Ranger1316

    EB Mafia

    Quick summary of the last few pages lol I'm awfully suspicious of @RBHeadge PE.....
  10. You can always get a nicer, larger space heater but the cheaper way would be the heated blanket. My wife loves hers on the couch and she's always cold lol
  11. Ranger1316

    EB Mafia

    Why not, I'm in😎
  12. So much this. I was bad about this early in college but luckily I learned once I got further in and into my career😎
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