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  1. Congratulations @jtimothythompson!!! I passed too!! I had to go back and check a few times since it showed up to make sure it was real. lol
  2. Congrats to everybody whos passed since last time I was on here! I took the test Tuesday no results yesterday. I guess it will likely be next Wednesday when I find out. I agree with everyone's comments that it seemed like a lot of qualitative questions! Also I'd say the scratch work books are bigger then I thought they'd be. I just completely filled one book, so it wasn't a problem. I agree that numbering my problems and being organized in there helped when reviewing problems.
  3. By the way I got the practice test book today and it's the one that was published in April 2018, so I think it's the right one. At least it does reference the NCEES Handbook... Worth the 15 dollars!
  4. Thanks for the review @GirlsCanDesign! Congratulations! I'm about a 5 weeks out now from my exam and it's really helpful to hear some advice from people that have already taken the exam!
  5. That's my guess, but for 15 bucks maybe I'll get some extra practice problems.
  6. I just found the practice exams book for $15 on Amazon (it seems weird, but it's worth the risk), but if you have the other one... Thanks for the advice @JayKay0914 @engineer123 and @GirlsCanDesign!
  7. I'm taking School of PE. Overall it's pretty good at covering the material, but I don't feel like it has a lot of extra practice problems, so I'm realizing this is an area I'll have to supplement.
  8. @txjennah PE What! I didn't know PPI had another book, the Schneiter problems look better and have practice tests 😓. When I started preping I only saw the Lindeburg book. I was getting my feet wet with those practice problems, they are definitely panic inducing. Now I am taking a course and have the practice exam from NCEES. I'll have to see how I'm feeling practice wise after I finish the course. I have my test scheduled for early June.
  9. I also bought the worked problems from Lindeburg, but some of them just don't belong in an enviro book (I'm not designing HVAC systems and pretty sure that won't be on the exam??, there's a whole section on this...) but some of the problems have been helpful and I think they just reworked this book, so the new one may be better. I also did some YouTube/Khan Academy review for chemistry, and other topics as I was struggling with problems or in my class. I did buy the latest Lindeburg and it's pretty helpful since it uses the reference handbook. I can't say yet how well all that works though... I'll definitely report back after the exam! @GirlsCanDesign I guess I'm late to say good luck, but I hope your exam went well!!
  10. I am in the same boat. I am taking the on demand now from School of PE, but will have to re take at least one course when they come out with the new lessons due to the October version needing updating (I guess that if they come out during your access time they give you access to the new classes). I've been out of school for 9 years though and feel like I'm relearning everything. Overall, I like the on-demand, I take a lot more time then they give in the live classes for each topic both because of my work schedule and because I stop and do additional problems.
  11. I'm taking the CBT in May-ish too. (I haven't scheduled my exam yet, but I have to finish before June.) I've been out of school for 9 years and just really didn't feel prepared, so I signed up for an on-demand review course. It's ok, but the transition leaves me feeling like I have no idea what to expect. Would love to hear how the test goes for you guys!
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