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  1. I'm well aware of the errors in the book. I was just curios if any of your questions forced you to pick between the correct answer and the correct answer per the handbook? since your comment mad it seem like the errors were not going to get fixed before your exam.
  2. @mechengineer1213 I asked this question before with no response so maybe you can shed light. The PE handbook was riddled with errors when first came out and appears to still contain some issues. Did you have any questions that required the use of formulas or information from these incorrect sections and if so did you err on the side of the book being correct or or what you knew to be correct?
  3. Didn't know the Europeans had switched to kpsi and inches... (p.194)
  4. @Ijoinedbecausecovid Did you come across any questions that required use of the section in the manual that still have incorrect information? it seems most of that was in the TFS exam but I'm curious if you went from memory or used incorrect equations for consistency. Guess it doesn't matter much since you passed so Congrats!
  5. Just to stir this pot a bit more, all the PE exams before they went to multiple choice were hand graded long form problems that required a lot of partial credit for you to pass. Having spoken to those that took that version of the test, their licence is granted entirely on partial credit.
  6. if the plane lands with one engine but is built with 2, is that partial credit?
  7. I used the 27th edition and I found it helpful but other books also contain similar info. Thinking you will have enough time to seek out info you don't know on a page you have not already tabbed is unlikely unless you get to the end of the exam ahead of schedule or are just extremely good at listing through the book/have photographic memory. If it fits in your milk crate and you feel comfortable with the index, I say bring it. I was lucky enough to borrow my copy so I cannot say when the usefulness drops off with editions in the past vs cost. Good luck in October!
  8. I still think the deep dive into machine design was better for probing out good engineers who may not be the best at thermo or fluids or have chosen to forget those courses since graduating
  9. Going to have to agree with @jean15paul. Producing a more well rounded PE could be taken to the extreme of having ME test on EE concepts beyond the simple stuff we already may see as an example. I think having the test take deeper dives into the areas were should be knowledgeable in is better for having an engineer who is damn good at HVAC or mechanics but not both. if you really want to be well rounded, thats what CEs are for.
  10. So have we just started a new tradition of burying the newest results thread on the bottom of the list?
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