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  1. I used the 27th edition and I found it helpful but other books also contain similar info. Thinking you will have enough time to seek out info you don't know on a page you have not already tabbed is unlikely unless you get to the end of the exam ahead of schedule or are just extremely good at listing through the book/have photographic memory. If it fits in your milk crate and you feel comfortable with the index, I say bring it. I was lucky enough to borrow my copy so I cannot say when the usefulness drops off with editions in the past vs cost. Good luck in October!
  2. I still think the deep dive into machine design was better for probing out good engineers who may not be the best at thermo or fluids or have chosen to forget those courses since graduating
  3. Going to have to agree with @jean15paul. Producing a more well rounded PE could be taken to the extreme of having ME test on EE concepts beyond the simple stuff we already may see as an example. I think having the test take deeper dives into the areas were should be knowledgeable in is better for having an engineer who is damn good at HVAC or mechanics but not both. if you really want to be well rounded, thats what CEs are for.
  4. So have we just started a new tradition of burying the newest results thread on the bottom of the list?
  5. When you took it at home did you do it timed and on a small desk with all your stuff laid out like it would be in the real thing? Also like I said, after lunch you get part 2 of the exam combined with the post lunch crash from the sandwich you ate and its something I definitely did not foresee. Also, you gotta be really good about knowing where to find the data in the books you bring.
  6. I would recommend avoiding PPI for MDM prep. The NCEES practice exam was the best way to gauge if you are ready, do it timed. Shingley's Machine Design book is the best IMO, perhaps getting a version past 9 to have a most up to date chapter on analytical methods. I would say to get back on the horse ASAP, do you really want to be the first wave of CBT test takers? All the test prep offering will still be re-calibrating for some time.
  7. Congrats to the solo Software retake!
  8. Passed Mechanical MDM, 1st try Morning section definitely felt that I got 35 solidly and remaining 5 were likely right but was just less confident. Did not have any question where my calculations didn't yield an answer in the choices (yes, I know many answer choices are deliberately created with one minor error in calculations). Walked out with time to spare. Afternoon section was definitely more difficult. I think i was confident on 20-25. Remaining questions again, my calculations always yielded an answer from the choices. Only had one problem where I was forced to plug answers in and guess and check. One thing that really hit me hard was a post lunch slump, really had to struggle for a bit to keep my eyes open. So probably 60/80 I took the PPI class for this exam and my feelings on it are mixed. My employer paid for it so ROI is technically infinity. However PPI's machine design class covered topics that weren't even in the exam specification. I think most of the class was a great way to recall my knowledge from my college classes a decade ago, and a class structure helped me study and pace myself. Definitely glad I came across this board and looked into additional resource material. Also doing a practice exam in a simulated timed condition really helped me get confident that I could pace myself and get to all my reference material in time. One thing that helped me was on a last minute call I brought my materials book and it helped out on some questions that I'd be guessing otherwise. Exam References: MERM Bound copy of the NCEES PE manual (with a lot of corrections written in) NCEES practice exam PPI 6 minute problems PPI practice exam Binder with personal notes Shingley's Machine Design Material's book Machinery's Handbook Mark's Standard Handbook for Engineers Hope this helps out any future test takes, good luck all!
  9. Officially 39 days, 7 hours, 40 minutes and 0 seconds from start of exam until result email. Again, not that anyone is counting
  10. MDM PASS!!!! Scared half the floor when I yelled it out
  11. time to start looking for a seat belt
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