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  1. Big thanks to everyone who stuck around after the exam to help us little people facing the exam.
  2. Hemi, thanks for the good luck and best of luck yourself with water resources. Manimani, I would love a copy of the older exams. Are they very different than the current version? How can you trade files here? Is it acceptable to post them in this forum? Thanks for the responses guys. Are you feeling pretty good about the exam?
  3. Same! I see your post is from December, have you already started the process? I read though the section of law that pertains to the subject and from what it seems like you are okay given that you don't fall into certain categories.
  4. buzz was starting to wear off. Then....
  5. It sounds like it's a shit show and there is no real way to prepare.
  6. Anyone else taking the exam April 2019? I was hoping we could compare study materials and get some dialogue going about what to bring/expect. I'll start... What did I study? Cerm (latest), Structural Depth Reference Manual by Williams, School of PE notes (ancient), A book of practice questions by Gruttadauria. What am I planning to bring? Cerm, IBC, ASCE, AISC, ACI, steel textbook, concrete textbook, notes & practice questions, and that's it. + Calculator & watch and that's it for extras. I would estimate I have done about 70 morning practice problems and 150 afternoon problems. What are you guys doing and what do you think of what I've done? - Matt
  7. Happy belated .308 day to you guys.
  8. Hey man I"m in the same boat but a little worse off. What state are you?
  9. Hi Mech198 I did spent some time in residential and light commercial design ( alot of wood/timber). If you have any questions or need direction, ask away. I can point you to some free design software that you'll need. In which state do you live and what area of it? This will give away the likely soil types you are dealing with. What kind of house are you thinking?
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