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  1. the reference is to hand write in part B. The applicant is expected to have part A and the other forms typed.
  2. I’d like to add: time management is super imperative. I marked my booklet up with my answers and then saved filling in the bubbles on answer sheet until the last fifteen minutes or so
  3. I passed Industrial. For both morning and afternoon sessions I divided the test into three groups: approximately 1/3 of questions I calculated and confidently answered; then 1/3 of them I dug thru my references and struggled to answer and then finally the remaining 1/3 I really struggled to answer by looking thru notes and reference material in order to answer.
  4. From CA. I received the NCEES email on Tuesday around 1030 am PST. I checked my account and I found out that I passed! Industrial & Systems. I’m wondering if the east coast heard my shouts of joy!!!im praising God for helping me pass!!
  5. The results are out. I got an email today, 5/14/19
  6. Hi! I think the majority of engineers at the test site were civil. I agree with you that there were not many IEs there.
  7. I took the IE test in Pomona, CA. Was there any other IE’s there? It was my first time. I’m trying to keep my thoughts from being negative. I’m thankful it’s over.
  8. I’m a good mix of 1, 2, and 4
  9. Hi I’m so glad I found your post (February 2019). I appreciate all the comments you and others have posted on this forum.
  10. Hi I’m preparing to take P.E. Exam for industrial engineers for April 2019 in Pomona CA. Im using books by DrKennedy I purchased from iise. id appreciate any study help I can get. Thank you in advance
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