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  1. Can anyone who's signed up for EET comment on the simulation exam (AM Breath and Structural Depth - or any other depth) how related the exam was to the real thing and when compared with the NCEES practice exam?
  2. a good 1 now on the AM after a few practice exams (still have to do NCEES 2018/EET exam) Structural depth a 5 - omg im fu#*#8
  3. State is Washington Is there a contact information I can reach out and ask?
  4. Do the proctors check your references? I have a bunch of misc. Notes in 3'' binders and I have select AISC tables and the masonry code photocopied from a co-worker book along with my own books. Are there any harsher regulations regarding exam references or one can bring anything as long as theirs no loose paper.
  5. I have the same reference i'm planning to bring in addition to my EET breadth/depth binders. I suggest you also bring along NDS and CMU books (you can use scribd to get a copy of them). For morning i've done the NCEES 2008, 2011 and 2018 exams. In addition to the Civil Pe Practice 2 breadth exams (though these were really easy and just a confidence booster) For depth i've done the NCEES 2011 and 2018 exams and the Structrual Depth Civil Practice Exams by James Giancaspro. If you want a copy of the older NCEES let me know.
  6. As was stated before, the topics that cover the structural depth are a long list. Seems like everyone's experience is different. I've had people tell me they saw questions very similar to the NCEES on the exam and others stating that they saw similar questions to the James Giancaspro Structural Depth practice exams (which i thought were slightly harder than the NCEES but reasonable), and other stating it was nothing like any practice problems they have ever solved. Like playing Russian roulette! I'm hoping EET depth covered at least 60% of the material that I can expect to see on the exam.
  7. I just completed the 2018 NCEES for the structural depth and scored pretty average (75% - 30/40). How much more different is the actual exam than peoples experience with the NCEES? I found a few of the problems in the NCEES challenging. I struggle with some of the SA methods - i.e conjugate beam/moment distribution, mostly because i didn't bother learning them too in depth (as I really don't find a use for them when it comes to practicality). All the horror stories I heard about OCT 2018 is making me nervous.
  8. I have copies of the 2001, 2008, 2011 and 2014 NCEES Civil PE exams (I'm doing structural depth). Would purchasing the newest edition for $40 show me any new problems or are they practically repeats of the last few versions?
  9. For the breadth, a good mix of 1 and 2 for the structural depth a good mix of 3 and 4. First time test taker so really no idea what to expect.
  10. Thats tough to swallow (first time taker this april). You're saying that based on all practice problems you solved (the Oct 2018 exam you took) had harder depth problems? Which practice problems were you solving.
  11. Thanks for the reply guys! @USC_Engineer PE only way to do that is to sign up for School of PE right? (i.e there aren't any resources laying around)?
  12. Hi All, Canadian here trying to get my PE License. First time taking the exam this April. I have mostly been studying through the EET Breadth and Depth on-demand lectures (which so far have been great). I do have a copy of the CERM but have yet to use it... I have purchased the following practice exams: NCEES Practice Exam Civil PE Practice Exam (2 Breadth Exams) : https://civilpepractice.com/publications/ Structural Depth Practice Exams for the Civil PE Exam by James Giancaspro. There are also the 1 simulated breadth and 1 simulated depth exams as part of the EET courses. Are there any other practice exams you guys suggest taking/purchasing on-top of what I have? Any other pointers anyone can give is greatly appreciated! Thank You!
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