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  1. Wasn't so bad. Got a hotel near the event and checked out the venue night before the exam (drove the day before the exam). Much more demanding than the P.Eng. but it's really rewarding getting the Pass! I suggest investing in EET review if your company will reimburse the costs.
  2. Damn. Now that the results are out, Im going to miss the craziness that we endured in this topic the last week or so.
  3. well I was notified of my results at 8:11 AM PST but was so caught up in work (that I didnt want to open it then). Waited till Wifey went to bed and opened it an hour ago. passed first time!! I can truly say the pass is all in the AM. I felt 100% confident on 35 and another 3 about 75% (thanks to EET). EET depth didnt do me so well. Maybe helped me with 5-8 questions at most. Rest was just working knowledge. But I assure you Id be lucky if I got 22 on the PM. I suggest taking EET breadth and just aiming for 20 on the depth and you will get the Green! Good luck guys.
  4. dont think this data might be real. person who stated that said his coworker said. Could be that his coworker was ashamed so he bumped up the score to make it look better. I doubt the cut score was higher than that. WRE was harder than structural from what I heard and I havent seen a structural fail over 49
  5. if we pass when do we get notified of our license?
  6. sorry to hear man. you were so close. Think the cut was 51/52?
  7. I'm sorry to hear man. Think I'd try and get 28-30 in the AM and a few more points in the PM and you can pass. Did you self study?
  8. Post your state/pass or fail/score Hope we all get the green!
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