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  1. Hello All, I'm wondering if anyone had experience getting a certificate of completion after taking the CPESR class with Kirk. I tried to contact him several times but there is no reply, he was very prompt and helpful when I first emailed him asking about the class, however, after I payed and got my receipt, he doesn't reply to any of my emails anymore. I don't really know what is going on. I really need it for my work reimbursement.
  2. Yes, my license number showed up on the DCA website also, woohoo! PS. So I talked to the lady from the board and she said we won't get a congratulatory email from the board until mid month, and they don't send it out bi-weekly anymore, they only send that email per monthly now (even though they still process license numbers bi-weekly). We should get our actual license in the email 6-8 weeks after.
  3. @vip-eng Hi, I plan on shooting them an email today. I remember you were also in the January results thread, did you receive your license number or a congratulatory email yet?
  4. Hello All, So I have passed all of the required tests for California PE since February 12th, 2019. My understanding from reading previous threads is that licenses are released every two weeks, however, I still haven't received anything from the board yet regarding PE license number or even just a congratulatory email on passing all my tests. Is this normal or should I wait a big longer? Please let me know you experiences. Thanks.
  5. @JPMCL nope, I didn't get anything yet, previous threads said it's roughly two weeks, if anyone heard back already, please let us know.
  6. Thank you for the reply vip-eng. Do you know how long it takes for us to receive that congratulation email after passing all the tests?
  7. Did anyone get anything from the board regarding PE license numbers? What exactly happens after we found out that we passed our tests?
  8. Did anybody get their surveying result? I don't see anything in my email....
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