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  1. Thanks for your input, really helpful. I try to do the same thing as you did.
  2. Is the dr. Timothy Kennedy’s review book the blue book with some explanation for each topic and an example or two? Before buying it, I thought it will be more of bunch of practice problems and solutions type of book like 6 minute solutions. People who used this book, is this the correct one? What’s the best way to study from this book?
  3. Yes I understand, You always tend to think about the problems that gave you a little hard time more so you get a feeling you didn’t do well overall. This was true for the FE exam too, although that one I think is curved but a lot of people I talked to thought they failed it.
  4. I agree, gotta set the bar high when studying.
  5. So you mean after the test was over you didn’t think you would pass? Haha
  6. Haha you never know, you may have the highest score! It must be an awesome feeling!
  7. Oh interesting, do you know what has been the lowest score that has passed the mechanical PE?
  8. Thanks for the information. It is graded completely different than the FE exam.
  9. Thanks for sharing this, it is very helpful and I guess the way you prepared worked for you. I think if one can identify what method of studying works for them is the key. Even if you solve 1000 problems, there will be a problem that will make you scratch your head. I have also noticed that one or 2 options in the answer choices can be eliminated just by logic and using your engineering brain, in some cases at least. However, the more problems you see and try to solve will definitely help. is there a cut off passing score or is it graded in some specific way? I have heard 70%, 56/80? Does the score also depend on which section you do better on, am or pm?
  10. Are you in CA? Yea it really depends. I have friends that passed it on their first try with minimal preparation and they were really average students in school just 4 years ago. On the other hand, I know some bright students who took it 3 times to pass. I think you just need to practice as much as you can and just know where to find all the information in your references. I am also doing just problems right now and when I get tired of it I work on my cheat sheet and tabbing important areas. Trying to stay calm and not stress over it too much.
  11. Actually I just checked and it looks like that schedule is tentative and a formal notification should be sent out 1 year before. So if the April 2020 test will be CBT, they will notify everyone by this April. I have attached the picture from ncees website.
  12. Oh I see, last time I checked which was a month ago it said it is planned to be changed to CBT in 2020. I am studying as if I have one chance though. I just need to get more practice till the exam. Good luck to you as well.
  13. Thanks a lot for your help. I will definitely review your post and follow what you did to pass the test. I have a friend who passed the PE exam for fluids and thermo on his first try without studying all that much, he got lucky I guess (I think in Apr 2018) I decided to take the test a bit late, I started studying early December for the April exam, so I am trying to do as much as I can. But I am sure your post will help me a lot. the bad thing is that I probably have 2 shots for the PE before they make the mechanical PE all computer based in 2020 (Planned year) because that will change the method of studying for the exam.
  14. I was late, I didn’t see what you wrote, so no worries. Thanks for your input.
  15. Hello All, I am new to this forum. I am registered to take the Machine design and Materials PE exam in April here in California, got exactly 2 months left. I am confused about something. Does the Machine design and Materials exam test you on Fluids and Thermo? The NCEES breakdown of 80 problems on their website does not mention fluids or thermo in the list of the topics for the machine design exam. I also wanted to ask what resources I should use to get more practice on top of what I have been doing. I got the MERM, practice problems for the PE exam book (companion to the MERM), and the NCEES practice exam (the thin white/blue book). I have gone through all the problems in the practice problem book (only the topics that NCEES listed), and I have created my cheat sheet. I want to leave the ncees practice test to 1 week or 2 prior to my exam. What other practice book should I use? I read some comments about 6 minute problems/six minute solutions book and some people had bad reviwes on them. What is the difference between 6 minute problems vs 6 minute solutions? Thank you in advance!