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  1. Nice, congrats for passing it and getting it done. That’s great news. I also used PPI learning hub this time around, the 3 month subscription and it ended just before my initially scheduled exam date. I tried to do all the problems PPI learning hub offered in each area and took their diagnostic and practice exams. Now I am just reviewing. One question I’d like to ask you and it is very unclear for everyone who went from pencil/paper to CBT is that how much memorization is required for the CBT test? Concepts like material that is not quantitative and has lots of details, do we need to memorize all of the info in the MERM?
  2. I started studying in December 2019 for my CBT MDM Exam on April 18th 2020 in California but my exam got cancelled and they scheduled me randomly for May 18 in another state And they emailed and said that the appointment is random just to make sure I have a spot to sit in for the exam and I will need to sign in and reschedule the exam at my desired location. I did and the soonest appointment I could find around here was August 3rd. It sucks that my exam was delayed for that long but what can I do. Looks like there are a lot of test takers around here in Los Angeles. @Ijoinedbecausecovid congratulations for getting it done. I took the last paper/pencil MDM exam in Oct 2019 and I am retaking it in August 2020 in the new format. I wonder if it is going to be easier or harder with the new format. How did you like it? Was looking for stuff in the manual easy? Were there surprises in terms of concepts that NCEES has in their exam specifications?
  3. I actually received an email from NCEES today, my exam got cancelled, why did they wait this long to let us know? The soonest appointment I could find was in August close to my area, that’s 3.5 months out. They plan to reopen starting May 1st but I still doubt it.
  4. Anyone has any update from Pearson testing centers in the US? the social distancing situation was extended through April 30th, so will the test centers for the CBT exam be closed until then? Right now the Pearson website says April 16th but the last update was on March 16.
  5. All the testing centers in the US and Canada are closed until April 16, you should have gotten your refund by now. My CBT test is on April 18 and from the way things are going here in CA, it is possible the test centers will extend the closure date. do i qualify to reschedule the exam without paying a fee although my exam is after April 16? None of the test centers answer my calls. I don’t want to wait and then they suddenly decide to remain closed and now God knows when my rescheduled exam date will be since everybody else has rescheduled.
  6. Yup i meant the problem i was having wasn’t due to the manual, i know the manual itself is still being improved.
  7. Also, have you noticed that the nomenclature is messed up or is it my pdf reader? I downloaded the 1.1 version of the manual which is the latest and in the MDM section , which I prepare for, the parentheses or symbols are all messed up. Is anyone else experiencing this the problem?
  8. I have taken the MDM test before and haven’t passed and they just converted it to CBT and they are saying they can still ask anything outside of the reference manual. I strongly think you need to know everything, I will study the MERM again and will also focus on the new manual. They can ask detailed questions from the topics in their MDM test specs and anything related to it. Unfortunately, MDM is vey vast and I believe even those course preparers won’t ever cover everything that you will see on the test, there is just so many little concepts and details. This is not the case with the fluid exam but this also means fluid exam can be way more conceptual. I think if we nail all the obvious concepts on the test and do just ok on the rest of the unexpected or difficult questions we will pass.
  9. After I read your example I understood what you meant, so Texas’ result (Percentage) is not a direct ratio of earned points to 80. So I am wondering, if we know for sure 70% is passing for Texas then doesn’t this make the guesswork for cut off score easy? For instance in your example, that person got 46/80 and a Texas score of 69% and if passing is 70%, isn’t it safe to assume the cut score was somewhere between 46-50/80??? anyway, not to get too far from the original thread, I know you already passed your test but how do you think we should prepare for the CBT?
  10. I did alright in materials section mainly because I had the MERM, I didn’t necessarily know the answer, I just used the MERM to get the answer, so what I am saying is that now that we won’t have the MERM what do we do if we get same type of questions, and memorizing all that stuff is going to be very difficult, that’s why I thought chemicals had to go through the same thing since they also have subjects like materials that have a lot of details. As you said, it is a good idea to focus on reference manual stuff and just do problems using the manual and probably memorize everything else that’s not in the manual. Hopefully the manual will make the test less diverse and unexpected questions won’t pop up as much. I am planning to subscribe to PPI learning hub for the 3 month plan, looks like it will give us good practice. Not sure another review course is really necessary.
  11. Oh wow, if you got 67% and didn’t pass, the cut score was definitely 54+ ??? i totally bombed the supportive knowledge section and it made a difference for me. I agree that focusing on the reference manual is a good idea but Materials is a big part of the exam, not sure if we need to memorize all the materials characteristics and all that, it is hard to memorize too since there is so much info in the MERM. Really don’t know how to go about it. What other discipline could have the same problem and they are on CBT? Oh maybe Chemical PE , we could ask them. Yea agility and lots of practice are very important, however I think there is a little factor of luck also involved in terms on what questions you get, on my second try there were some questions I hadn’t seen at all in any of my practice books nor in the MERM.
  12. Thanks for your input. I registered and chose the test center. I was a bit confused because you choose the test center after you pay, I was thinking once I click “complete order” that’s it. I looked at PPI’s website and they’ve got different bundles, I may go with the monthly subscription of PPI learning hub online. I took Dr. Tom’s course last time and it was good but I’d say it didn’t go in depth as much as the questions on the test went. Those review courses are good for someone who has been out of school for so long and want to refresh their memory. How do you go about topics like MATERIALS? there is so much detail in the MERM and if I didn’t have the MERM I wouldn’t be able to answer those easily. Do we have to memorize all that for the CBT? Also, has NCEES practice test changed for CBT? When I was registering, it offered me the practice test and when I clicked on “preview” all the questions I saw were the same exact ones from before.
  13. Hi All, I didn’t pass the second time either, well I shouldn’t really count the first try because I was definitely underprepared but I improved the second time but still not quite there yet (mid 40’s). Supportive knowledge section killed me, lots of unexpected questions that I hadn’t seen anywhere. I did way better in supportive knowledge on the first try. This means all those binders I prepared with tabs and all that will stay home since I will need to take the CBT exam next time. Well at least I can say I took the last paper and pencil session and will take the first CBT exam for mechanicals haha 2 questions: 1) Mechanical CBT is brand new, how should I prepare for MDM? How would you prepare? I mean it is also brand new for all those prep classes and not sure how much those would help. 2) Has anyone tried to register for CBT? It doesn’t give you the option of choosing a testing center or anything, you just register for the CBT exam without any details. For the CBT FE exam we could choose the testing center. So, how does this work? Thanks in advance!
  14. Abogos

    Where to start?

    Whaaaaat! Registration usually opens after the results so it is a bit confusing that the CBT is available for registration in November. It is also possible that once you click to register the only option will be CBT and this is just an outdated description that needs to be updated. It is confusing! Usually when they convert the exams to CBT, the announcement should appear in the news section, I saw that in the news when they converted the Chemical to cbt.
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