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  1. About 190 hours of study. However I did a lot of problems and took the NCEES, GOSWAMI, and Civil PE practice tests.
  2. Hi guys anybody knows where I can find the NCEES 2011 civil PE exam practice book?
  3. Hey everyone I have been studying for about a month now and taken a couple practice tests. I’m doing very well in the practice tests. However I am wondering how similar, interns of level of difficulty and materials covered, are the practice tests and the actual exam. This is especially a question for October 2018 examinees. I read somewhere that the actual October 2018 WRE exam was no where close in difficulty to the practice tests. I don’t want to feel over confident just because I am doing well on practice tests. Neither am I interested in covering materials that are not relevant to the test. Tha ks everyone for your responses. This forum is helping me a lot in my preparation.
  4. I just saw the problems and am curious to know if there are such lengthy questions in the actual PE exam ( I saw remarks in the solutions that say ‘expect such problems in the exam’). If you’vetaken the exam before, sid you actually encountered those kind of problems in the exam ? One may have the knowledge to solve those problems but completing some of these in 6 minutes sounds difficult.
  5. Thank you ! I bought the Gruttadauria WR book too and it looks like problems are a little bit easier than the NCEES practice problems. I also found the old NCEES practice exam (2008) and a bunch of the problems are repeated in the new practice exam can book but still a great material. I’ll consider buying the PE prepared exam if I get enough time. Thanks everybody. This forum is really helpful!
  6. Thanks for your response! I got the errata for NCEES practice exam. I solved the problems on the NCEES practice exam and goswami and I think I am good with that level of difficulty for the depth portion. Now I am looking to get more practice for the am section . I guess I’ll buy the other giswami book ( two breadth exams).
  7. I heard other people saying the same about difficulty. I was also looking to buy older version of the NCEES exam book but couldn’t find any.
  8. My main reference is CERM 16th edition but I also got metcalf and eddy as reference for the environmental part.
  9. Anybody here used David Gruttadauria ‘breadth and water resources depth practice exam’ book ( 2018 publication date )? I am trying to buy this book but there is a very limited review on Amazon. I bought indranil Goswami practice exam ( water resources depth ) and it is terrible. Questions aren’t bad but the errors are frustrating. No reference is cited in the solutions, Question states a confined aquifer and he does the solution for unconfined, and for some solutions assumed values of certain variables make no sense. The book spells clarified as Qualifier and so on. I would appreciate if anybody who used David Gruttadauria ‘Breadth and water resources & Env depth practice exam’ book give me some feed back before I buy it.
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