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  1. I used NCEES practice exam, Camara practice exams, PPI stuff, School of PE stuff, all the required code books, info on protective relaying and batteries.
  2. Truth. When I tell people the pass rates for power, they basically fall out.
  3. LMAO power and it's terrible passing rate. Not surprised. Hopefuly third time is the charm.
  4. ashmur90

    Texas Results

    I got a 60. So I must be a bit off in my studying. Focus hard, work more problems, and I have this.
  5. 40/80. I swore I did a lot better. I did improve over last time though.
  6. ashmur90

    Texas Results

    This is the worst feeling ever. How am I supposed to work the rest of the day?
  7. I think I am taking it next April. Already have a lot of weekend stuff coming up in September.
  8. I accept via paypal and venmo. But honestly, it's okay. Just discouraged, that's all.
  9. ashmur90

    Texas Results

    Power. Got 40/80. I thought I did better than that, honestly. Just really upset.
  10. I failed again. Really discouraged and upset because there was basically no improvement over last exam session.
  11. ashmur90

    Texas Results

    Texas is out. Failed.
  12. Considering she sits right next to me, no.
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