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  1. Corner bakery cookie, fancy hamburger that my boss paid for, and sweet potato fries.
  2. Luckily for me, *I* get to pick the fixtures on this project. HEHEHEHEHE. The architects have some say in the matter, but it's my sheets that call out fixtures.
  3. True that. I am just chugging along at work. I'm waiting for someone to do their job (AHEM, Architect) so I can finish my work.
  4. my little chonker Shelby was about 85 then when she passed away. It's been 6 years, and I still miss her. Grew up together. Almost made it to my college graduation.
  5. Good morning all. Waiting on a lighting rep to come today. Let's see if he shows up early-ish.
  6. Thank you!!! I took a break from even thinking of the PE exam. I was so deflated after failing it again, I had to take a step back.
  7. I am here. I decided to wait until computer based testing Spring 2021. I don't really know what 2020 is going to throw at me work wise (maybe living in florida for 3-4 months...) so yeah.
  8. I used NCEES practice exam, Camara practice exams, PPI stuff, School of PE stuff, all the required code books, info on protective relaying and batteries.
  9. Truth. When I tell people the pass rates for power, they basically fall out.
  10. LMAO power and it's terrible passing rate. Not surprised. Hopefuly third time is the charm.
  11. ashmur90

    Texas Results

    I got a 60. So I must be a bit off in my studying. Focus hard, work more problems, and I have this.
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