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  1. Hi, I got a bit confused towards the end of your comment. Basically, you passed both CA exams, but did not take/passthe 8-hour exam as well? And you are correct, I have been reading and nowhere does it state that taking the 8-hour IS a requirement, rather, you "should" take it and pass it before you take the CA exams. Here's an excerpt from Steve Hiner's website (Seismic Review Course, which I highly recommend): Beginning with the April 2018 exam, there is a NEW process for applying for licensure as a Civil Engineer in California. Candidates "should" pass the 8-hour NCEES Civil Engineering Principles & Practice (P&P) exam before submitting an application for licensure in California. The following four parts need to be successfully completed to be licensed as a Civil Engineer in the State of California. You DO NOT need to pass all parts at the same time (i.e., each part may be passed separately from the other parts). Part I: 8-hour NCEES Principles & Practice (P&P) Examination - administered on a Friday in mid-April and late October ("should" pass before applying to take Parts II, III and IV below) Part II: California P.E. State Laws and Board Rules - Take Home Examination (submitted with application) Part III: California Special Civil Engineering Surveying (CES) Examination - two and one-half hours in length, all multiple-choice (continuous testing by quarter) Part IV: California Special Civil Seismic Principles (CSP) Examination - two and one-half hours in length, all multiple-choice (continuous testing by quarter)
  2. I took an 18-hour seminar with John Pavlik, held in Irvine CA by the Irvine Institute of Technology. Here's the link http://irvine-institute.org/seismic-principles-spring-schedule-2018/ Really great course, he also does it live if you live far. He assigns homework and problems you should do before the next lecture. The classes alone, his manual, and the Surveying Principles book by Cuomo is all I used. And I think you're right, like you said, I got adopted into the new system.
  3. Thanks. I will ask @CAPLS for an explanation. I will take the exam this upcoming April just in case. I am going to study for it this time. Funny how I was able to pass the two harder exams but not the "easier" one.
  4. Yes I did, and my name and license number are there. However, it expires June 2019. This year. Kind of weird.
  5. So I passed both CA Seismic and Surveying exams, but not the 8-hour yet, but I received an email saying that I am now a registered Civil Engineer in the State of CA. How did this happen? Well I had registered for all three exams prior the new regulations took place. I took Surveying and Seismic first, passed surveying and not seismic. Then I took Seismic and the 8-hour, failed both. Then I retook both again and passed Seismic, not the 8-hour (again). So I registered for the 8-hour, and a week later I received an email from BPELSG stating that I am now registered CE. I do not know how this happened if I haven't passed the 8-hour. Any thoughts? I I also contacted the board to make sure it wasn't a mistake and they said I am registered now. Thanks.
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