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  1. I was looking at the Affinity Laws and page 228 and a couple don't seem to agree with the MERM. For Q the MERM has the D term to the 3rd power where it is to the first power in the handbook. For Hp the MERM has the D term to the 5th power where it is to the first power in the handbook. Those seem wrong to me but I am just starting my studying so I may be missing something. Also, I cannot fine errata for this handbook. Is it available on-line somewhere?
  2. I am preparing to take the PE in TFS in October and am compiling my resource material. I have read many post here on the resource materials I should have. I know this Engineering Unit Conversions is highly recommended. My question is does it matter which version I get? I can find the 2nd edition for around $10 but the 4th edition is usually $40+. Is the 4th edition much better than the 2nd?
  3. Thanks for the tips. I did go through the "How I passed the TFS Exam" post. It is full of great information. Nice to hear others are passing long after leaving school.
  4. cvanwy02, I am planning to take the October 2019 TFS. I have been out of school a long time and think I need more time to prepare. I would appreciate your sharing of how your studies go, what you think of the Slay the PE TFS bundle, and how it prepares you for the exam. It is one of the resources I am considering since I need more material review to re-learn this stuff after all these years. Best of luck with your studying and on your test. Matt
  5. I am considering taking the TFS in October 2019. I got my BSME in 1996 and haven't used much of it for the last 23 years. In my new career a PE license would be a benefit. I have borrowed the MERM 11th ed. from a co-worker and started to go through it. I don't remember any of this stuff. I am thinking that a class my be helpful for me to relearn this material. I was considering taking the Dr. Tom's Classroom. I would prefer a live class but that is not offered. After reading this post I see that some people a year ago were concerned that the class may have not be preparing them for the difficulty level of the problems they may face on the exam. Would anyone that has taken the TFS exam lately that has used Dr. Tom's Classroom as there primary preparation be willing to comment on how well it prepared them for the exam? Thank you for any advice, Matt
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