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  1. I had time to go through 5-6 practice tests as a hail mary during the AM/PM to hope to find a problem that could spark some thought process on certain problems. I tabbed sections on the practice tests for Structures, Geo etc to speed up searching time.
  2. Just do a bunch of problems. You won't know if you'll get some easy Structural questions in the AM or a few vague or miscellaneous topics there. You got plenty of time to study, so I would hit each section with tons of problems. Write down the equations that are new to you. Throw them in a binder for the off chance you see a similar problem on the exam. What problems are you doing for Transportation? I never had to reference any book other than the CERM for practice tests studying for that AM section. Horizontal/vertical curves, SSD etc.
  3. I took the WRE and I do Land Development. Water and Wastewater design/quality etc was tough to study for/on the test, due to not having any meaningful experience in the topics on the test but the hydraulics and hydrology was stuff I was at least familiar with. I went in with the mindset of acing the AM and the PM Hydraulics/Hydrology part and pray I get 50% right on the W/WW section. Think that worked out. Assume you have reviewed the topics in the NCEES guidelines between both WRE and Geo and are still stuck? IMO buy some practice tests/official NCEES practice tests for both and see which one you feel more comfortable in the PM.
  4. It was good. Had a handful of hunches that were dead wrong lol
  5. Difficulty wise, the PM portion for open, closed, hydrology and aquifers weren't that hard, for me anyways. Difficulty wise probably similar to Gruttadauria, Goswammi and the NCEES practice tests. A few tough ones/obscure questions. The Water/wastewater portion I felt none of the practice tests made me feel confident in a handful of questions. I would get an answer that would match one of the multiple choice questions but didn't have confidence that I was sure it was right or I did a wrong common step. But I went into the exam knowing I didn't have a great grasp on the W/WW section. Passed fwiw.
  6. Definite maybe. I got a lot of those problems in the review books so I made sure to read the problem carefully as they can be made tricky by the wording.
  7. It may vary proctor to proctor and state to state. 1. Mine never said a peep about notes. Mainly just asked me to make sure there was no loose paper. Never checked the notes or hovered over us. Think the main thing is to not have your pencil near the notes or reference material so they don't think you are writing in there. If it makes you feel better, use a highlighter and cover the notes with it. Or photocopy them. 2. I did carry ink solved problems in with me along with notes in ink. Proctor walked by me a few times when I had those binders open. Didn't say anything. 4. Don't put your pencil near references, don't look at your table buddy/references, don't start before the time begins and drop your pencil when told to do so. Try to not make noise, or rummage through your references like a madman. Remember to keep your drink off the desk and don't act sketchy.
  8. I took the WRE test even though I was quite raw when it came to the Water-Wastewater section of the PM section. My career is more drainage design and basic water/waste/lift station design but not touching the treatment of water/wastewater. I just loaded up on a lot of practice tests to soak in as many questions as I could for those two sections. To be honest, didn't feel to confident on those sections post test, but I felt confident I aced the AM and did well on the Hydraulics/Hydrology sections in the PM.
  9. IMO maybe take just relax in regards to taking the exam this October and shoot for next April. But I wouldn't give up. Clear your head of all the frustration and stress over the past exams and change up your study habits. Is there another class for your field that has good reviews on here, or elsewhere? I can't help per say being in another field of engineering, but I took a class where the problems and practice tests they gave out for the PM section had extreme variables or super complex steps. If I had just worked on those problems, I know I wouldn't of passed the exam cause they weren't relevant problems to what was actually on the exam. They made me freak out about finding some obscure equation only found in some book(probably written by the same author) or the steps weren't clear at all how they concluded that you needed to use a certain equation.
  10. john813

    FL Results

    Felt good updating my signature in my emails this am.
  11. john813

    FL Results Looks like the past May exam it took until middle/end of June. Which makes sense as my friend got her License number roughly 8 weeks after the exam in 18. Some got their License over the weekend. Hopefully it is sooner than that for us this year.
  12. john813

    FL Results

    Every time I see a new post I always think it's someone posting that the numbers have been released. Hopefully, today we'll get them.
  13. Get some certifications in inspections and just keep learning for now.
  14. Once every or most PE tests are CBT, will they be similar to the FE now where you can pick a time and date to take the exam? Got confused on the 5th paragraph if it meant April and October for P&P tests only or even for CBT.
  15. That's my thought as well. You don't get a Super PE license if you pass without the CERM/more resources. You spend so much time studying for this exam, no need to handicap yourself. Bring anything and everything that can help you, that falls within NCEES guidelines.
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