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  1. Cowboys made the playoffs last season, so expecting an 8-8 season in 19-20. And hell, sure someone like Zeke will continue to do dumb things and find himself another suspension.
  2. john813

    FL Results

    From the Results Map thread: We just gave NCEES the okay to release Florida results. So keep an eye out. Congrats to the 250 who passed the April exam! It will take two to three weeks for the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to input the results and for us to double-check everything, then DBPR will generate PE numbers. Watch your account at for your PE number to appear (hopefully by Memorial Day).
  3. It was the most expensive pencil I ever bought. lol
  4. I know I have a few more not listed but looking at my Amazon orders: Pe Prepared (All AM and PM tests offered for WRE) Gruttadauria ref manual/ practice exam Civil Engineering PE Practice Exams: By Civil PE Practice (AM only) Goswami exam books. 3 in total I believe. Older NCEES Exam prep books. 2004 and I think 2010(2004 only had 20 questions for AM IIRC) 2014 NCEES practice exam
  5. RIP all the people waiting in Mississippi/Rhode Island . Edit: I thought some in NJ knew their fate? Luckily, I was pretty ignorant of when the results would come out. Convinced myself it would take 8-10 weeks so I wouldn't be glued to the NCEES page/here every day lol. Only logged back on when a friend(PE) told me they could be released on Tuesday.
  6. Tis good advice for any future test takers. I gave myself roughly 2 minutes per problem before deciding whether to fight or flight. Definitely helped in the PM section. No point staring at a problem when you are stuck on step 1 or 2. The 4 hours can go by in an instant. Staying calm is key. After my first "run" on the PM section, I skipped a lot problems. Definitely got anxiety realizing it was not going to be an easy section. Try to mark problems in the book from little hard to hard on the ones you skip. Focus on the ones you think you have a better chance at getting correct and leave the longer/harders problems till the end.
  7. Been on a docu-series binge lately. Last three have been: The Staircase(definitely slanted) Confession tapes of Ted Bundy Evil Genius Remember the EG(Pizza Bomber) story as a kid, but never realized how potentially crazy that incident was.
  8. That sounds like a good plan to me. For me that helped a lot, especially when I lost confidence in my review course. Just stay away from Six Minute Solutions. Takes six minutes on some problems to copy the answer and decode how they got to a certain step lol. Just be aware Goswammi does have some questions with mistakes, but IIRC I think someone posted some errdata online.
  9. How many practice tests did you do? I loaded up on all the Pe Prepared LLC books, Goswami, Gruttadauria, Civil PE Practice and a few other ones. I would feel confident doing 5 tests, and then the 6th test would throw me for a whirl as it was topics/style of question I haven't seen in the CERM or the other 5 tests. Even found some online PE prep made by a forum member here IIRC, which ended up being overkill, but still gave me some tips on how he solved certain problems. What category did you do weak in? I even brought a hydeaulics/hydrology textbook that I tabbed to hell which had some good problems to do.
  10. Took WRE: Didn't get seriously into studying until the end of January. Started light on the hours to not overwhelm myself at first. In February probably studied 5-7 hours during the week and 8-10 hours on S&S. Focusing more on the AM. In March probably studied 7-10 hours during the week and 12-16 hours on S&S. Main focus was PM. I think in April it was 8 hours a day on the 1st-4th lol. Bought a ton of practice tests. Did them multiple times, switching them up so I wouldn't get the correct answer due to memory. Definitely helped me seeing a wide range of questions that could be asked on both AM/PM. A week before the exam I bought 3 more AM tests and 2 more PM tests. I'm confident without buying those books and working them out, I may not of passed. Read the CERM on topics I knew I needed more help than others. The rest was skimming and highlighting sections that I thought could be relevant. Took PPI, and while the teacher was helpful in Q&A sessions, I had a hunch that it was a waste of time to watch the entire session. And in hindsight it was. Passed on the first try.
  11. john813

    FL Results

    Will FBPE/NCEES release how the test takers in FL did for April? I know NCEES has the pass rate nationally.
  12. This poster must be my Engineering twin. How I felt exactly on the WRE.
  13. My thoughts as well. I passed(FL), and I believe I nearly aced the morning section which probably saved my butt on the afternoon environmental questions. I went into the test feeling unsure on the W/WW section and I left with dread thinking that section(s) may of doomed me.
  14. TestMasters was my first choice, but a week before the class started they informed me the in-person class in my area failed to get enough seats and I could either watch a live recording from home or watch a previously recorded session. No way I could focus for the 6 or so hours watching a lecture from home. Especially with a 14 month old who knows how to open doors lol. Had a friend take TM for the Transportation and said it was very helpful. To expand on my previous comment, I thought PPI was good for the AM section of the test. The spots they told us to highlight and or tab was mostly on point. The PM they relied too much on Six Minute Solutions and some hard as hell PMX practice test which were impossible to solve. Neither of those books had any question similar to the PM section IMO. Didn't feel confident going into the test for the Water/WW section and left feeling shaky there. Still can't believe I passed(1st time). Good luck to the folks in MN, NJ and other states that have yet to release results
  15. Passed the Florida WRE. PS, I don't recommend PPI for any future test takers.
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