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  1. FWIW to the first time guys, April PM felt pretty tough to me. Either aced the morning and/or did well enough in the PM to pass it. Especially the water-wastewater for me seemed foreign compared to what I used to study with. Quite a few WRE guys were just stone faced leaving the exam.
  2. My buddy was confident going into the test. Told him that he'll walk out feeling like he failed. Called me a 6pm sounding like someone who had a "fun" time Said the AM Civil was hard. Anyone else feel that way, or did he not study long enough? lol. (Obviously don't post any questions related to exam) I felt the AM in April was easy.
  3. The day before the exam I finally "mastered" the water treatment questions involving chemistry. Ended up not being on the test lol. Was bittersweet lol. But yea, at this point I would just recommend to people making sure your notes are in an order you want them to be, binded and your tabs on your references are legible and secure. Get the suitcase, wagon or whatever prepped ready for Friday. Don't want to be packing the night before looking for a suddenly missing binder or book.
  4. Sorry for any confusion. Yea, it's the water-wastewater section of the WRE exam. 16-18 questions on the back end of the PM section of that exam.
  5. Step 1: throw 6mS book in trash Step 2: focus on other books. Tried to comprehend their crap when studying for the WRE. Complete waste of time. When I was stuck on the PM section during the exam I compared the W/WW portion with the 6MS W/WW portion. The real exam seemed way easier.
  6. Step 1: throw 6mS book in trash Step 2: focus on other books. Tried to comprehend their crap when studying for the WRE. Complete waste of time. When I was stuck on the PM section during the exam I compared the W/WW portion with the 6MS W/WW portion. The real exam seemed way easier.
  7. What State? But yea, just call your state board and ask. I think Florida considered it simply a no show, but not a fail and you lost your money.
  8. You can get by the AM with purely the CERM. I noticed quite a few people around me, along with myself, just end up using the CERM for most of the AM. When I went hunting for a few "tough" questions that's when I tried practice tests/notes to see if I could spark something in my head. But, how many people actually use all three SoPE, EET or Test Masters? I assume most just used one of those three and never could dabble among all 3 due to costs and time going through each exam prep course.
  9. I agree with @jean15paul_PE At this stage, just makes sure your strengths remain your strength heading into the exam. I know I probably scored maybe a 50% on water/wastewater problems, at best, for the PM section. But I felt damn confident on my strengths of hydraulics/hydrology. And the AM I felt I knocked it out of the park. You never will know how complex or theoretical NCEES may make the exam. You may get lucky and the areas you are weak in have problems you can solve easy enough or they could be that nightmare styled problem that has that one variable you never quite figured out during studying.
  10. I had time to go through 5-6 practice tests as a hail mary during the AM/PM to hope to find a problem that could spark some thought process on certain problems. I tabbed sections on the practice tests for Structures, Geo etc to speed up searching time.
  11. Just do a bunch of problems. You won't know if you'll get some easy Structural questions in the AM or a few vague or miscellaneous topics there. You got plenty of time to study, so I would hit each section with tons of problems. Write down the equations that are new to you. Throw them in a binder for the off chance you see a similar problem on the exam. What problems are you doing for Transportation? I never had to reference any book other than the CERM for practice tests studying for that AM section. Horizontal/vertical curves, SSD etc.
  12. I took the WRE and I do Land Development. Water and Wastewater design/quality etc was tough to study for/on the test, due to not having any meaningful experience in the topics on the test but the hydraulics and hydrology was stuff I was at least familiar with. I went in with the mindset of acing the AM and the PM Hydraulics/Hydrology part and pray I get 50% right on the W/WW section. Think that worked out. Assume you have reviewed the topics in the NCEES guidelines between both WRE and Geo and are still stuck? IMO buy some practice tests/official NCEES practice tests for both and see which one you feel more comfortable in the PM.
  13. It was good. Had a handful of hunches that were dead wrong lol
  14. Difficulty wise, the PM portion for open, closed, hydrology and aquifers weren't that hard, for me anyways. Difficulty wise probably similar to Gruttadauria, Goswammi and the NCEES practice tests. A few tough ones/obscure questions. The Water/wastewater portion I felt none of the practice tests made me feel confident in a handful of questions. I would get an answer that would match one of the multiple choice questions but didn't have confidence that I was sure it was right or I did a wrong common step. But I went into the exam knowing I didn't have a great grasp on the W/WW section. Passed fwiw.
  15. Definite maybe. I got a lot of those problems in the review books so I made sure to read the problem carefully as they can be made tricky by the wording.
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