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  1. I am taking the HVAC&R PE exam in a couple weeks in the NYC area. I just received my authorization form today. The test location is Queens College. I am looking to find out any tips or general information regarding the experience from anyone that has taken the test at QC before. The authorization states that parking is available at two different parking fields, and then the next sentence states that parking is not permitted on the campus. Was anyone able to park in the lots stated on the authorization, or are we relegated to finding city street parking on a weekday morning? Any other information you are willing to share would be great. Thanks!
  2. I am currently working on putting together the required work experience list for the NYS application. I have the projects that I've worked on broken down including the general time frame that I've worked on each project (ex: Sep 2016 - May 2015). The form then asks for the time in years and months that I am claiming for experience for each project. This is where my question comes into play. Since I, as I am sure nearly everyone has, worked on more than one project at a time, the individual length of each project totals up to much longer than the 4 actual years of experience I am claiming on the application. I've had to add in extra sheets of the Part C to include all of the work experience. The application requires you to total up the time at the end of each sheet, so I was thinking that I would keep somewhat of an "actual" total instead of a "running" total per page. Essentially, if page #1 has a project that ran from May 2015 - Mar 2015, I would enter "10 months" in the total for that sheet. Then if the next page has a project that ran from Aug 2015 - May 2016, I would enter "2 months" in the total for that sheet. This would show that even though I worked on two projects for 10 months each, the total experience time elapsed was only 1 year. However, there are a couple sheets where the work experience I have on that page are totally encompassed within the time period of a project on a previous page, meaning the work experience on the page would be "0 months." I don't want to send in pages that say even though I've worked on three projects each for say 6 months, the total time I'm claiming for these projects are 0. Has anyone ever done it this way and come up with a solution? Am I looking at the work experience incorrectly? Should I just pick a few representative projects that show the qualifying work experience?
  3. When I spoke to the state, they informed me that they don't contact us unless there is an issue with any of the paperwork. In terms of checking on whether your application is currently being reviewed, or how far along it is, I'm not sure.
  4. Sorry if this topic has been discussed before, but I searched through the forums and didn't see anything that would particularly answer my question. Here it is: I am currently an EIT in NYS and looking to apply for the October 2019 Mechanical HVAC exam. I have been gaining HVAC work experience working for a consulting engineering firm under direct supervision of a P.E. I was hired in May 2015 right after graduation. I know that in NYS you cannot send in future work experience on your application, so I have to wait until May of this year before I can send in that portion of the application. I spoke to the NYS office today and asked if May is enough time to review and approve the application for the October exam. Their response was "well I sure hope so" and they informed me that it typically takes 8-16 weeks to review the application. My worry is that the application will not be reviewed in time to register online with NCEES prior to the NCEES deadline. So, my question is for anyone that has already gone through the NYS application process, does the state usually take upwards of 2-3 months to review the application? I would really like to not have to wait for the 2020 exams. Thanks in advance for your time and help!
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