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  1. I remember reading somewhere that the license is placed in the mail the day after your license is uploaded on the website. My license was issued on the website on 12/30 and I received the physical license in the mail yesterday 1/2.
  2. NYS issued my license yesterday! Time to order my stamp
  3. I've seen similar threads started for this in previous administrations. NY has been issuing new license numbers all morning according to the Office of Professions website. I can't seem to figure out a pattern though (not alphabetic, not all New York addresses). Maybe (hopefully) they're starting to issue licenses a lot quicker than the 5-8 weeks they say. Any other New Yorkers anxiously checking the site for their license number?
  4. @jean15paul_PE is the beam in your picture moving up and down, or left to right? I always thought it was left to right, but now I'm (I think correctly) seeing it as up to down and my brain is in a pretzel.
  5. Visual is brutal. It's like half-based off CAD commands and inputs, but just different enough that it's infuriating to use. And add in the fact that its very unstable. Rough to use.
  6. To answer my own question, no. Looks like 40 states released on Day 1 for April 2018
  7. Very true. Missed CT with the different shade of gray
  8. Does anyone have a record for most states released on day 1? If I counted correctly, only 15 states haven't released yet, and a lot of states that are normally day 2 or 3 releases have been released today.
  9. New York is out! Congrats to all who have passed.
  10. New York is out! Passed HVAC-R first try 1:56 EST!!!!
  11. Wasn't an option on the poll, but NY is still waiting.
  12. Anyone have any update or news from NYS? Anyone speak to the board?
  13. Did they sign a new trash can from free agency? I'm sure the one they've used the last few years is a little beat up.
  14. Grass ain't always greener on the other side lol some are a pain.
  15. You're absolutely right. I was just more mentioning that their license isn't simply knowing how to draw a wall section on CAD.
  16. I work with a few architects and while you're right that 7 exams is a lot, they also need to know enough about all aspects of the project in order to make sure the building is designed well. They can't just draw a pretty picture. They need to know that the MEP, Structure, Civil, etc. Engineers can make their building design a reality.
  17. You get an email when your state releases their results.
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