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  1. @CAPLS How is livescan submitted to the board? I did mine a year ago, using the board's form, but I never mailed anything in. Is it just sent electronically? I emailed my evaluator a couple times but haven't received a response.
  2. Double Congrats @Maycha! That's amazing. Good luck with your new baby!
  3. Got my results and was only "proficient" in the first category, "marginal" in one, and "deficient" in the rest. I have to say I'm pretty disappointed, as I felt like I had done well this time around. I felt confident in 35-40 of the questions, and due to time basically had to guess on about 10 of the questions. @CAPLS is there ANYTHING you're able to tell us about passing percentages, or what constitutes Proficient/Marginal/Deficient for each category? I left the test knowing there was one category I would need to study up on if there was a next time, but seeing that I did THAT badly is a bit of a blow and I'm not sure where I'm even going to start.
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