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  1. feels like i been underpaid for a while 🤣
  2. My employer is cool, already took care of me. I’m trying to chase down a public agency vacancy which is a big opportunity but need my P.E. # to file.
  3. Hopefully, PE #'s get released tomorrow. Need to get paid!!
  4. used Hiner and Reza. Both were very close to the exam. Worked each workbook once and that got me over the hump.
  5. Passed Survey!!! PE now, feel like a million bucks.
  6. Looks like next Tuesday or Wednesday.
  7. hopefully results come out on Friday.
  8. It was not very difficult but "tricky" for sure. I didn't pass the first two times. So i studied and solved all the problems in Raza's workbook this time. Only solved the workbook problems one time, should have done it twice to help with speed. I did study the first two times, but very minimal and solved a handful of problems. Problem solving and recognition speed is what got me on this exam. On the surface appears very easy but longer approach to solving problems or taking long to recognize/identify the problems is a time killer!!
  9. just need the survey exam, think/hope i got it. solved/answered 46 of the 55 problems. best of luck all!!!
  10. Time got me too, guessed on about 12 questions.
  11. Just need the survey exam for my PE. May be just may be!!
  12. Things didn’t go as planned. Hopefully, second time will do the trick.
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