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  1. This wast the first ( and hopefully my last) time I take the PE Machine Design exam. The majority of the AM exam did not reflect the problems in the four practice exams I took, on top of a 20 week review course. The afternoon exam was more difficult, however, I was able to recognize more of the problems from my study material. If I were to asses my results it would be AM 30+ , PM 30+ .
  2. Thanks TJ, I've been searching the forums and found some answers !!
  3. Thanks , @SacMe24great post. I am starting my study plan to take the test in April 2019. The infromation you provided is very useful. I will be following your footprint ( minus DTC courses). Btw, are those available free on you tube ? or did you purchase the actual course through the website ? Thank you
  4. Hey Guys, I've been working mainly in the R&D sector , with experience in satellite development, and now, nuclear fusion. I think it's time for me to finish what I started with the EIT, and get my PE. Anyone who has any advices on a good strategy for study , books recommended, resources for practice, review classes , etc, please feel free to comment ! Thank you !
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