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  1. Thanks for this advice!! Yeah, I got engaged and planned a wedding in those first two attempts, so things were a bit chaotic for sure. A parent has also recently passed, which makes me a bit hesitant to strike while the iron is hot, but I think if I can focus...I put in a LOT of time the previous two attempts, but I was distracted by life events, so maybe I need to shorten the time studying (I was studying in 5-8 hour blocks) and make sure that the time i do spend is HIGH QUALITY (i.e., no distractions). I used School of PE, but found their water resources depth (Civil) not super helpful. I am going to try them again as a refresher, only if the professor for the depth section is of a higher caliber.
  2. Hey all, I'm taking the Civil exam with Water Resources/Environmental focus. I did not pass in October 2018, or April 2018 and I'm starting to think I have test anxiety (I can't recall specifics of the exam, even shortly after leaving the exam, dream about the exam a lot (leading up to the exam and post-exam), etc. ). I'm trying to do things differently this round and was wondering if there was any advice out there from folks who have had similar experiences. I want the third time to be the last time (but, I always wanted the 1st and 2nd times to be the last time). Any advice is appreciated!
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