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  1. I'm sorry you didn't pass! I passed this round, which was my third round of the Civil WRE. My experiences were strange, but I'll try to be helpful. I took the first round after taking School of PE and studying with a coworker A TON. While studying, I got engaged. I took the next round immediately (DUMB IDEA). My wedding was in August, 2-week honeymoon in September, and then I sat for round 2 in October 2018. After not passing a second time, my father passed away and I decided "Eh, why not, let's do Round 3". THE BIG differentiation for me between rounds 1, 2 and 3 were the following: Rounds 1 and 2: Studied with coworkers, watched a lot of the School of PE videos (I found their afternoon lessons to be LACKING), no real timed exams until the weekend and week of PE exam. I also had TERRIBLE anxiety (dreaming about the exam, panic attacks, the whole 9) and talked about the exam a lot. the anxiety also made me feel like "If I have free time, I need to be studying" and therefore I didn't give myself the breaks I think I needed. Round 3: I kept it pretty down-low that I was taking another go at it. I studied alone, meditated a lot at night, and took time to enjoy things. I did not watch many videos at all this round and mostly did practice exams. About a month before the exam, I started taking practice exams for time. In summary (for me): practice exams are where it's at (as long as you're already pretty comfortable with the material, which I was after 2 rounds), and controlling anxiety. Good luck next time, and don't let it get ya down!!!
  2. Third time was a charm! Got the email for CO bright and early today! Some coworkers told me I'd receive a second email right away with my license number...Any Coloradans hear that or have that experience?? Makes me nervous...I keep checking NCEES to make sure I did in-fact pass....
  3. I'm also a third time test-taker (Water Resources/Environmental) and I hear you buddy! Hopefully, the repeat takers will be done and done! Also, lots of good luck to the first timers too We're all in this chasm of suck together....Let the mind games begin!
  4. OH man, this resonates.....And I'm an atheist, so for whatever that's worth! XD
  5. This April was my third round, and it was brutal....Here's hoping none of us have to relive that experience.
  6. I took WRE for the third time. AM was definitely as others described it; par for the course. Nothing TOO crazy in there, I think. PM was more difficult. Someone above mentioned they utilized School of PE and felt insufficiently prepared for the PM; I absolutely agree. I used School of PE also and, although they did great at prepping me for the AM, the WRE PM section NEEDS WORK. I found a lot of old NCEES practice exams and utilized practice problems from other sources to prepare, and it was MUCH better this time around. I also take some comfort in the other repeat test takers out here...Misery loves company I'm sure everyone will do just fine! Welcome to the suck 1st timers!
  7. Thanks for this advice!! Yeah, I got engaged and planned a wedding in those first two attempts, so things were a bit chaotic for sure. A parent has also recently passed, which makes me a bit hesitant to strike while the iron is hot, but I think if I can focus...I put in a LOT of time the previous two attempts, but I was distracted by life events, so maybe I need to shorten the time studying (I was studying in 5-8 hour blocks) and make sure that the time i do spend is HIGH QUALITY (i.e., no distractions). I used School of PE, but found their water resources depth (Civil) not super helpful. I am going to try them again as a refresher, only if the professor for the depth section is of a higher caliber.
  8. Hey all, I'm taking the Civil exam with Water Resources/Environmental focus. I did not pass in October 2018, or April 2018 and I'm starting to think I have test anxiety (I can't recall specifics of the exam, even shortly after leaving the exam, dream about the exam a lot (leading up to the exam and post-exam), etc. ). I'm trying to do things differently this round and was wondering if there was any advice out there from folks who have had similar experiences. I want the third time to be the last time (but, I always wanted the 1st and 2nd times to be the last time). Any advice is appreciated!
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