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  1. Right on, thanks for all the sound advice so far.
  2. I graduated in 1997, and just now looking into getting my Texas PE (mechanical, machine design & materials). Got a few questions... I passed the FE in my senior year. I worked in manufacturing for about 12 years, not under a PE. About 8 years ago, I changed bosses and worked under a PE until about a year ago, so I have 7 years of qualifying experience. Should I submit SERs for all of my jobs, or just the one under a PE? Will the gaps before or after be any kind of issue, or are they just looking for 4+ cumulative years under a PE? Also, my former boss' license is in civil/environmental - does that matter? For those that took the mechanical test, especially more than 10 years after graduation, how difficult did you find it to be? How much did you study? What reference materials did you bring to the test? From what I recall, I was decent at taking tests in school, but it's been a while. I'm reading good things about the Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual by Lindeburg, and the accompanying Practice Problems being just about the only thing you need to study, and the MERM is the only reference you need to bring to the test. Anyone agree/disagree with this? How much has the MERM changed over the years? I can pick up a 1990's edition from ebay for a LOT less than new. I'm pretty sure physics hasn't changed much in the last 20 years. A colleague suggested that I just sign up for the next test in April '19, get the MERM and a practice test, familiarize myself with it but don't kill myself studying, and take a shot at the test. If I pass on the first try awesome, but if not I will know what to expect when I take it again. Does this seem like sound advice? Thanks for any input.
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