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  1. Spam for good health 100th post for me I'm trying to get into the cool kids club
  2. Agreed. The wait only gets worse and worse, but I've managed to do a fairly decent job of keeping myself busy with work/video games/chores/working out. Plus I graduate with my Masters in June, so that's at least a guaranteed positive aspect of my life I can look forward to. One of the things that bother me a little is that I retook 2 of my practice exams during my study, and although my score DID improve, questions I initially got wrong I mostly got right, BUT there were a few questions that I originally got right that I missed the second time around. I don't FEEL like I made that mistake during the actual exam, but I may have unwittingly...
  3. PA ought to get itself together Reading back on that one year with the faux licensure fiasco...glad I wasn't a part of that
  4. Leftovers today (Panda Express) + seaweed snack + mini bell peppers (gots to get the vegetables in one way or another)
  5. Yeah, I know I can feel myself slowly succumbing to Phase 3 (Worry). I normally feel fine, but even a subtle thought about the exam throws me into a tornado of "I just wanna know what I got"... Plus works not helping worth a damn (busy work doesn't help me get my mind off of it, but that's all we keep getting in this season) Just gonna have to wait like everybody else
  6. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH Friggin work
  7. Alright. Going into cryo until then. Wake me up when its time, and NOT a second earlier lol Waiting is taking too long, and work isn't helping pass the time. It only serves to make the wait EVEN longer...
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