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  1. 23and1

    October 2018 - Funny Exam Stories

    See, because of these posts, my next practice exam will consist of the sound of jackhammers being looped on youtube on my TV in my living room at max volume, using only my lap as a table! Gotta be prepared for anything lol
  2. Nah, I'm on the east coast (GA) but a majority of my company's projects are out in CA. I agree on the stress part, but I just took my first practice exam after finishing my first pass through all the exam material this weekend. I forgot the kind of endurance that you need to build up to take an 8-hour exam. It's hard to not feel like you're losing your mind But like you said, problems, problems, problems 'til the hands cramp up!
  3. @Abogos the cut-off score changes with every test. I had once believed that NCEES took a sample of "average" licensed engineers in the field, have them take the exam, then whatever they average is that specific exam's cutoff score. But after minimally fact-checking myself, I may be wrong. Either way, here is the quote from the NCEES website: NCEES Exam Scoring Process - https://ncees.org/exams/scores/ "When an exam is introduced or when its specifications change, a committee of subject-matter experts works with experienced psychometricians (testing experts with a background in statistics) to determine the level of performance that corresponds with minimal competence in that discipline. This becomes the passing score. NCEES does not publish passing scores because they change with each administration. NCEES scores each exam with no predetermined percentage of examinees that should pass or fail. All exams are scored the same way. First-time takers and repeat takers are graded to the same standard."
  4. That's crazy! I've been imagining what its like to take a test in a different field. I work in a firm with both structural and mechanical engineers. I'm taking the MDM exam, but have been contemplating doing civil/structural after I get my structural experience in.
  5. I'm also scheduled to take the exam this April. My previous supervisor passed on his first try. He said that if you do every problem in the practice problems book, I'd be fine...but he is some kind of super genius, so I took his advice with a grain of salt... Along with the NCEES practice exam, I purchased the Lindbergh practice exam, EngProGuide practice exam and review handbook. That gives me a total of three practice exams to go through prior to the real deal. I'm still working through the practice problems book (almost finished). Outside of that and the practice exams, I intend on solving problems from my FE review book, the EngProGuides review book, and Shigley's.
  6. Having colleagues that past the exam tell you that you're working TOO hard must be the best feeling. Like a little reassurance that you are on the right path
  7. 23and1

    Best Software for design

    All in all, SolidWorks takes the cake. It is the most economical and most accessible software for mechanical design, with a vast range of capabilities, from basic shapes to complex mechanical assemblies and then some.
  8. I joined not too long ago, but I was definitely asking myself "Wait...where are the Industrial Engineers?" I'm not an IE (Mechanical), but I do work with several. I've just been looking for some information so I can pass it along to them. Glad to know that licensure helps across the board discipline-wise.
  9. 23and1

    San Mateo Area?

    @fyrfytr310 I'll be testing in the San Mateo area as well. I looked it up and found this: Pearson Professional Centers-San Mateo CA 1825 South Grant Street Suite 705 San Mateo, California 94402 United States There were also a couple other sites listed around that area as well. You can use the link below to see the other site addresses and contact info. https://wsr.pearsonvue.com/testtaker/registration/SelectTestCenterProximity/NCEES?conversationId=1667090