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  1. Good luck to all taking the exam tomorrow! You can do it!
  2. Same. All of mine were about two weeks each, although I did not submit them all at the same time.
  3. I don't know if it is comparing apples and oranges, but I've recently completed my Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and am LIGHTLY considering a PhD. I'm doing some research and it sounds like there is a preliminary/qualifying exam that a PhD student generally has to take prior to starting their defense/thesis research. Anybody have any experience with this exam? Anybody have thoughts on the difficulty of this exam as compared to the PE exam? Any thoughts on a PhD in Engineering are also welcome.
  4. I'm in the exact same situation. In that regards, I should also mention that I will probably be looking to work somewhere where my license and degree has more merit...and more benefits lol
  5. Yeah, I'd like to do power as well, or electronics (if I'm actually well versed enough to perform; I haven't checked the test scope). Speaking of, getting my Certified Automation Professional (CAP) may be on my list, depending on how the next few months go.
  6. Thanks! Honestly, a very, VERY small part of me wants to go back and take either the civil or electrical PE exams, dependent on whether I go to a structural or automation/systems career route, respectively. Most of my experience is in electromechanical design and large machine structures. My wife and I decided that I have 2 more years to finish my heavy duty career prep, so I'm trying to fit in as much as possible before then lol
  7. Graduating with my Masters in June. For now, just relaxing and enjoying time with my family and friends. Will go for my PMP before year's end. After that, maybe (big maybe) go for my SSBB. Would go for PhD if someone pays for it.
  8. Agreed. I just passed April 2019 first time as well. I felt that EngProGuides was a good compliment to the MERM in that if one doesn't have particularly good coverage on a topic, the other one has it. EngProGuides was very useful for the "miscellaneous" items on the exam (ie. motors, pumps, electrical, etc.). The accompanying practice exam was also good. Close to the actual (a little easier in my opinion). I would definitely recommend, especially as a diagnostic exam.
  9. 23and1


    Argh! Welp, guess I'm gonna just break away and eat lunch. That ought to take my mind off of it for at least an hour
  10. need to burn through this anxiety with some SPAM!
  11. 23and1


    I pray that we don't have to. Studying for this exam killed my soul.
  12. 23and1


    Woke up and checked NCEES. Almost passed out looking at the screen..for it to say "Results Pending" Anxiety level is over 9000 Back to listening to my mandatory OSHA 10hr training
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