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  1. Hey everyone, hope studying is going well. I have a question about the below problem. I must not be understanding what happens during a single phase to ground fault. I thought that one of the phases would be shorted to ground and the other two would be dead in this case IB & IC = 0. Based on the scenario below, i would think that a fault between a1&a2 would mean there is current flowing to ground through phase a but not through phase's b and c. I am also confused as to what is happening on the primary side. Thanks!
  2. I have a pretty basic question here but its tripping me up. A practice problem i was doing used P=V*I (thats the conjugate phase angle of V). Can someone explain this equation? Is it valid? I understand how and why we use S=VI* but i am uncertain of P=V*I. Thanks
  3. Sorry, i should've included the answer.
  4. Does anyone understand the following question? What is the purpose of the different areas? I just do not really understand the purpose of this question. Thanks!
  5. This is very helpful. Thanks
  6. Would anyone be able to explain where the equation used in the soltion comes from this one:
  7. I noticed a new exam from EPG, what is the difference between this one and the "Power Full Exam'. Has anyone taken the new one? Recommend?
  8. I'm sure I'm just missing something simple here. This a part of the solution where the sequence current is converted into phase current. That equation does not match the equation used in the EPG study guide. The study guide has 𝐼𝐵 = 𝐼𝐴1 ∗ (𝑎^2 − 𝑎) and i understand that IA=-IB. Can anyone explain this part of the solution (just how this formula was determined)?
  9. I think i remember reading somewhere that most of the terminal equipment is rated at 75C, so 75 C is chosen as its more common? I'm not completly sure on that, just wanted to provide some input
  10. How critical is the version? Do you think a 2004 version would work?
  11. Does anyone have a good quick reference that details capability curves?
  12. So this is a phase to phase fault question. I thought that IA = 0 in phase to phase faults?
  13. @roy167 yep thats it, thanks for the explanation.
  14. Can anyone help me with the below question, it seems like such an easy concept but i can't quite wrap my mind around this one.
  15. I just went through the question and got the same answer.
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