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  1. Didn't experience this during my exam.
  2. My advice is to always start with the extended Bernoulli's equation and cross out terms which do not apply to the problem you are solving. This worked very well for me.
  3. A coworker of mine ordered his and his stamp had the first 5 digits which are the same for every MI engineer hahaha... needless to say he reordered.
  4. In my opinion, the Lindeburg problems are WAY too hard. I would recommend Engineering Pro Guides and Slay the PE.
  5. Wasn't a problem for me to write in pencil but you are taking a risk. Overall, my test proctors seemed pretty laid back.
  6. For a detailed look at how I passed the Mechanical TFS exam the first time look at my thread here:
  7. Mine was around 2 weeks for comments and then 3 after I Incorporated comments and resubmitted.
  8. They don't have to be the same discipline as you. I was the only ME TFS and my 5 references were Civil and Electrical.
  9. See my summary above. The first link you posted is the 2008. The 2008 and 2011 are the same but the 2008 contains all disciplines. The second link you posted is the 2001.
  10. Why not try the CBT exam in 2020? Maybe that's the change you need.
  11. I'm lucky because my work pays for my membership as part of an enterprise program. I'm not actually sure on the location or details of the event but will report back when I do!
  12. Haha it is the same exact license cosmetologist get. Are you a member of MSPE? They will have a new engineers dinner in October where they give out much nicer looking certificates.
  13. You should get your actual paper license in the mail.
  14. I received my stamp Friday and ordered it with 10.
  15. Just now seeing this... I was not the person who forgot my calculator haha... I was in that room though and remember someone letting him borrow theirs.
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