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  1. Why not try the CBT exam in 2020? Maybe that's the change you need.
  2. I'm lucky because my work pays for my membership as part of an enterprise program. I'm not actually sure on the location or details of the event but will report back when I do!
  3. Haha it is the same exact license cosmetologist get. Are you a member of MSPE? They will have a new engineers dinner in October where they give out much nicer looking certificates.
  4. You should get your actual paper license in the mail.
  5. I received my stamp Friday and ordered it with 10.
  6. Just now seeing this... I was not the person who forgot my calculator haha... I was in that room though and remember someone letting him borrow theirs.
  7. I've thought about taking the Power PE Exam. I took and passed the TFS exam because that's what I went to school for but I've actually spent the last 4+ years working for an Electrical Substation Engineering OEC contractor.
  8. PMP is likely my next step too. Congrats on your Masters!
  9. I told myself I would get my PE and then be done... I feel surprisingly discontent though.
  10. Welcome, officially, to the boards!
  11. Little late to the TFS party but passed TFS in Michigan
  12. cvanwy02

    Cut scores

    That's what the NCEES diagnostic is for. Cut score should not change how you study.
  13. cvanwy02

    Cut scores

    Good info or useless info? If those who failed knew the cut score would they have passed? If anyone who failed wasn't aiming for 100% they deserved to fail.
  14. Annnnnd I just looked at another coworkers stamp and he has the full 10 digits... this tells me its a preferential thing?
  15. It's the last 5 digits. Verified with (2) coworkers stamps.
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