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  1. Fun fact: The handbook is missing page 281, which contains the correlation for Nusselt number for turbulent flow in pipes and the natural convection correlations for vertical plates suspended in a stationary fluid.
  2. ...and I'm writing study materials for Thermal Fluids Systems and there are quite a few errors in those sections as well. Please be sure to report the errors to them. Also, if you don't mind post them here so others can see them and give you feedback.
  3. I hear you. I had a hell of a time locating it when it first came out.
  4. Once you log in to your account you can get it from the "View Reference Handbooks" link
  5. See this post by @mckenz007 She took a paper-based exam so her comments about references and stuff she took to the test are not applicable, but she did go into detail about almost all the study materials you are asking about. http://engineerboards.com/topic/24508-how-i-passed-the-thermal-fluid-pe-exam/?do=findComment&comment=7503508 Additionally, @sambisu gave a review of study materials here http://engineerboards.com/topic/24508-how-i-passed-the-thermal-fluid-pe-exam/?do=findComment&comment=7504742
  6. Not all exams are CBT. I think Civil and Structural exams are still paper-based. So, those are cancelled. For CBT, NCEES is saying to contact Pearson VUE Centers if you want to reschedule.
  7. @OldSquaw Did you report this to NCEES? Just want to check before I do it. I have a screenshot of 2018 Refrigeration which I get online. NCEES say they copied their table from 2014 Refrigeration, though. Do you have access to that version? I don't. Maybe (doubtful) it changed from 2014 to 2018. I doubt it, but maybe that would explain it. FYI, I have reported every typo we've discussed in this thread, prior to this post.
  8. Can you post a screenshot of the question?
  9. I like the approach of Cengel and Boles in their absolutely wonderful undergrad Thermo book. At Slay the PE this is how we handle this issue because our hate for gc is unparalleled.
  10. Wow.. tough crowd. Hello? Is this thing on? 😀
  11. LOL I’m a developer of technical content for @Slay the P.E.. Re-writing all the problems so they can be solved using only the handbook has been... an adventure. Having said that, I’m never acting in an “official” capacity when I’m snarky or when I use profanity and sarcasm 😉
  12. Typo in one of the radiation heat transfer equations:
  13. When using Q=UAFΔTlm for a "complex" heat exchanger the LMTD is the one as defined for the simple counter-flow tube-in-tube heat exchanger. The NCEES manual does not specify this. Also, what's the deal with using 2.3 log10(x) instead of ln(x)? I mean, I know it's the same thing, but do they think the approved calculators don't have keys for natural log?
  14. The correlation for the Nusselt number for constant wall temperature, laminar, fully developed flow is wrong. As shown in the attachment, they have Nu = 4.66 and it should be Nu = 3.66. I am attaching screenshots from two different heat transfer textbooks to show the correct one. Furthermore, this correlation (as well as the one for constant wall heat flux; Nu=4.36) are valid for fully developed flow only, but the manual does not give the correlations for the entry length, which one needs in order to figure out if the flow is fully developed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Textbook by Incropera et al: Textbook by Cengel:
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