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  1. Does anyone know where I can buy a copy of AISI S100-12? I don't even see it listen in the 2012 bundle for CFMF.
  2. I have my PE in California as well, so I can sign up and take the SE in Nevada without prior approval (similar to the PE exam in California)?
  3. I searched my name today and my license is up so I'm not sure how accurate that is? I would check again.
  4. I don't think you need to do anything. It's my understanding they assign license numbers every other Friday, I plan on searching my name on the license lookup late Friday or Saturday.
  5. I contacted NCEES and they told me they could only verify Exams and Licenses, so they can't verify EIT certification. So I'm assuming I should just have NY send the verification directly to California?
  6. I'm in NY and I have to mail the NY board a form and a small fee. My only concern with sending the verification to NCEES is that in their verification section they state: "EIT certification/licensure is not verified in this section because it is not a typical required document for licensure with other boards."
  7. I passed the PE exam in California this past October and I am putting my application together as the next step. My EIT certification is from a different state and I was wondering if I should have my state send the EIT verification directly to the California Board, to NCEES, or to me directly to include with my application similar to how they treat transcripts?
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