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  1. Alright just ordered all the IBC Seismic Volumes, along with the AISC Seismic Design Manual. I've been studying like crazy the last week coming into my office during the weekends. Just finished studying IBC Volume 1 and took both practice exams (morning only so far). The practice exam questions are taking a bit too long but that's expected as I'm taking the practice exam early in the studying process. But I'm able to get thru them understanding everything and getting correct answers. I feel pretty good so far, and I think I covered a lot of ground in just a couple of weeks. IMO I think it's a good idea to take the 2 practice exams early on as you soak in a lot of info just by attempting the questions. You'll have questions and concepts in the back of your head from the practice exam that will register when you actually see them again during the study process. I believe this connection will help build your understanding. I plan on taking the practice exams 2 more times. Once again sometime in the end of Feb and once again before the exam. Practice problems were the key to my success for the Vertical. Even though they're the same problems I still think it will be beneficial. Or maybe I'll get the Alan Williams book if I need more practice problems. Does anyone know how the problems in the Williams book compare to the problems in the PPI and NCEES practice exams?
  2. I had something similar for the Vertical, but do you think this is needed for the Lateral? Does the Hiner book cover different materials as well? How did you study for material specific Lateral problems?
  3. I'm leaning towards taking the Lateral in April. I guess I'll go with the following materials: All Building Codes PPI Practice Exam NCEES Practice Exam IBC Volume 1-4 Connor Bridge Lateral Book (possibly) Hiner Book (possibly, never heard about this one either, but looks good) I feel like with the Bridge Problems they don't ask you anything that can't be looked up in the AASHTO. It's a matter of being able to find the Section in the massive code. But obviously having the textbook is beneficial. Also is the AISC 341 included in the Seismic Design Manual? I remember now last time I took the Lateral I just had the printed out AISC 341, can't remember if it was 341-10 or 341-16. Does anyone know if you need the Seismic Design Manual for the exam or is everything required to solve the exam problems included in the 341? Also is it the 341-10 or 341-16?
  4. Thanks for the reply David, really helpful info. Hearing from people that the Lateral was easier is definitely a confidence boost. I've heard about your book multiple times throughout other threads. I didn't realize you had one specifically for lateral. Thought you had just one textbook for both. I'll look into purchasing it. Did you have the Seismic and Wind Forces Design Example by Alan Williams? I have the 3rd Edition PPI Practice exam but it looks like there's a 5th edition out now, do you know if it's worth buying? How important is having IBC Volumes 2,3, and 4?
  5. I passed the Vertical SE in October 2018 taking the EET Vertical Course. I'm contemplating taking the April 2019 Lateral exam but haven't started studying yet. The Lateral EET course started already in Dec and I'm way behind. So I thought maybe I should just study on my own this time around. I just ordered the 2015 IBC Seismic Design Manual Volume 1. I attributed my success in the Vertical to taking the EET course so I'm not as confident in my ability to pass the Lateral without taking the course. In 2016 I took and failed the SE both days by studying on my own. I have the NCEES practice exam, the PPI practice exam, SERM (not good for seismic) and the 2015 IBC Seismic Design Manual Vol 1 is coming. Along with all the codes and some text books. For anyone who has passed the Lateral only without taking a course. Can anyone share what material exactly they used to be successful? I remember the AISC Seismic Design Manual is important too. Can't remember if it was free to download or not. I think I brought a printed copy the first time I took it. Thanks
  6. Highly recommend EET. Took the SE Vertical course for the Fall of 2018, and just passed the October 2018 exam. I took the SE exam in 2014, both the Vertical and Lateral without any refresher course and didn't do well. I don't think I would have passed without taking the course. I'm still debating whether to take the Lateral in April or October of this year. But I'll definitely be signing up for the course again. The course has already started for the April exam so I need to make a decision soon. The course is rigorous with plenty of practice problems. I believe if you put in the time and take advantage of everything the course has to offer you'll be at a level required to have a shot at passing. The 2 instructors who teach the SE courses are very knowledgeable were always available for questions. Hope I'll have the same success with the Lateral! Have heard mixed opinions on the Lateral being easier/harder than Vertical.
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