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  1. Seamoonjulian

    HCM 2010 vs. 6th

    I find some resources online about the changes as follows. But based on this source, I do not think there are a notable changes related to PE exam since PE exam focused on different areas? http://www.mikeontraffic.com/9-changes-6th-edition-highway-capacity-manual/ More Capacity at Roundabouts Addition of Alternative Intersections Addition of Free Right Turn Lanes at Signalized Intersections Addition of Auxiliary Through Lanes at Intersections Addition of Diverging Diamonds Addition of Work Zone Capacity Analysis Addition of Managed Lanes Adding Adjustment Factors for Weather & Incidents Tweaking Level of Service A threshold for Urban Streets
  2. I found CERM 15 includes two chapters 46 and 47 of structure analysis about indeterminate statics and other advanced topics (my area is transportation engineering). I wonder if PE exam would include them in its morning civil breadth exam? Many thanks!
  3. I find the reviews about this PE Civil Practice Problems 16 ed on amazon are very low. I wonder if it is necessary to buy this book. Thanks
  4. Seamoonjulian

    Need to have/buy CERM 15 ed pdf

    Thank you for your reply. I wonder if you mean the one that can be downloaded from scribd.
  5. Seamoonjulian

    Need to have/buy CERM 15 ed pdf

    I want to have/buy CERM 15 ed pdf. I do have a CERM 15 ed hardcopy but it is super heavy for me to carry. Many thanks
  6. Seamoonjulian

    Green Book 2018

    I just contacted the AASHTO store and the NCEES. Both said at least the 6th edition is still useful for PE exam in April 2019. As Rebeccah623 said, the specification in NCEES website still would use the 6th edition for the PE exam in April 2019.
  7. Seamoonjulian

    PPI Civil Engineering Reference Manual Index 15th Ed

    I only have a CERM 15 edition hardcopy. but it is very heavy for me to carry. I wonder if anyone who can share the pdf or know where I can buy the pdf? Many thanks!
  8. Seamoonjulian

    Green Book 2018

    I have the same concern since I am going to take the PE exam April 2019. I agree with Rai's comment. But I am going to ask PE board or AASHTO to get an answer if possible.