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  1. Can anyone share their study schedule and material with me.
  2. I'm still working on random problem by picking question number and solve that to keep my mind in study mode.
  3. I registered today for October 2019 exam.
  4. I want to buy this book. I work in NYC let me know.
  5. I am interested in complex imagenary. jow much it costs.
  6. I need some book let me know what price.
  7. I plan on retaking the exam in October.
  8. N-ABC

    New Jersey Results

    mine is still unchecked.
  9. N-ABC

    New Jersey Results

    Also tested in Newark and the last name starts with K; mine still shows unchecked.
  10. My checklist is still not updated. Did your checklist says PE verification or PE passed
  11. Same for me... I am also waiting...
  12. Any update for NJ or wait until tomorrow?
  13. There are 2 from NJ.
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