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  1. I love this table!!!! Wish it was around in this format when I did design work. Actually wish it was around when I was in undergrad too, lol! :)
  2. Titleistguy


    I called and talked with the IL folks in early 2019 and they didnt have a problem with me taking it in Michigan (passing first) then applying for licensure there.
  3. I was 36 when I took the SE, I'll be 37 when I retake it. Numbers seem about right. I'm also a Libra, like long walks on the beach and reading poetry.
  4. Is this a bridge question? I know they get a little wild with the R value relative to the seismic zone and components at hand.
  5. Also the binders real value is when you add your notes, supplements and so on.
  6. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/03/16/sport/canceled-marathons-coronavirus-spt-intl/index.html If only I could think of another group of people who trained for months to do a thing just to have the thing canceled. Poor joggers. Abyways, hope you all on here are doing what you need to do to keep yourself, your loved ones, and those around you healthy.
  7. Well if chaos is going to be there then certainly I'll plan to be there and will be drinking twice as much. Fingers crossed this happens.
  8. Yea just spent a G on food and supplies. I plan on starting a hibrabtion this week. Just need to pick up a range membership at the nearby golf course and I'll be doing conferences from the practice tee.
  9. Bly ... Still a high probability I drive down there. So I'd put myself at a 90% confidence level that I'm going.
  10. Titleistguy


    Well saw this coming ... My office went from suggesting we stay home to basically ordering us to stay home for are least 4 to 6 weeks.
  11. Titleistguy


    The concrete isnt bad once you see that bc it's all most 100% prescriptive that for the most part its just knowing the checks for the memeber type and system type. I have some good references I'd suggest that summarize this greatly. Both are written by David Fanella. One is his CRSI Seismic design of low rise conc buildings which is outstanding bc its organized by SDC and his concrete design text book, which I believe the latest is a 2nd edition.
  12. Titleistguy


    I have to admit. Our SE room was sorta nice bc it was such a small crowd. The proctors were nice too. But the irony of a small room is its soooooo quiet. Making aggressive page flippers that much more annoying.
  13. Titleistguy


    ....from NCEES site .... Medical/surgical face masks (must be worn or placed on the floor; proctors must visually inspect the mask; mask must be removed for ID verification Then what's the point of the mask? And if I was a proctors I'd tell NCEES to kick rocks ... I'm fairly certain those folks aren't paid well enough to "touch" and "inspect" peoples masks ... honestly it's the proctors at the biggest risk and, let's be honest, most of which tend to be older.
  14. Titleistguy


    I wonder when NCEES is gonna make a decision either way. Or if they're even considering it.
  15. Titleistguy


    That's a pic from about two weeks before the tests in October...they had those desks packed to the back of the room.
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