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  1. Sorry been off a few days. I took the EET class for starters. It’s an amazing resource but not necessarily set up for max efficiency for AM questions. I created an individual binder for every topic including a separate one for details that are common across more than one subject. In the binders I have them organized such that I can solve questions as fast as possible. Then I test their effectiveness by solving problems (usually putting subjects away for a while then coming back to them). I also HEAVILY note all my resources. I know everyone says that but I try to go way beyond normal to the point where I try to set it up such that non-engineers could solve the problems (basically I try to ‘stupid’ proof everything as much as possible) with the belief that I will panic at some point in the exam. Since I’ve now taken this b_t_h 3 times, I’ve come to understand numerous question types that are tricky and tend repeat. I’m not saying they ask these question types (we are not suppose to discuss this stuff) but for example, I can solve anything related to IBC eqs for embedded posts and poles, seismic tanks ASCE 7 chpt 15, brace forces in EBF, Z for RBS, etc etc in less than 60 seconds. There were many problems I solved in even less than 30 seconds because I had every possible variation set up in general solution format. As I took practice exams, I went so far as to determine exactly where to put the calculator, my reference I’m working with and the exam booklet to save seconds. I built a bookcase of milk crates and screwed them together such that it provided a second worktable providing an L-shaped space. This may sound excessive, but it worked. I finished with a lot of time to spare and went back through problems to double check. Hope this helps .... 🙂
  2. I will have to look into that book. I am a big fan of the ACI Concrete Design Handbooks, the examples are fantastic. They are the main reason I got A for the first two attempts ..... still undecided on moving forward. Am very seriously thinking about trying to start a career writing children’s books. Reading to my two feels far more rewarding than this has up to the present.
  3. Since we’re sharing results, here are mine: spring 2018: 20/40, A, A,IR,IR fall 2018: 28/40, A, A, IR, U fall 2019: 36/40, A, IR, U, U How in the ____ does one improve dramatically and perfectly linearly in the AM while simultaneously get worse linearly in PM. There is simply no logic. The subjects are the same, I’m not gaining less experience and I have taken review classes.
  4. @mikesltj23 for any portion of the PM problems, did you by any chance provide a written description of steps for how to solve? Via review classes etc I was always under the impression you can obtain partial credit this way. However, this may not actually be true as I have become aware very recently! 🤔
  5. Buildings, not even sure how I could improve. I feel like I basically know everything backwards and forwards
  6. Thanks kevo_55. I almost left it up because that’s how angry I am but thought better of it...... but seriously, that’s got to be a record AM score and still an overall fail! Come on!
  7. I have no issue with the difficulty level either, it just makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER how I go from A on both concrete AND steel TWICE, then the following time where I get 36 out of 40 in the AM and then somehow U on both this time and fail.
  8. That’s it! I’m done with this &@$/! Passed vertical first shot 2 years ago with limited effort. 3rd GD attempt at Lateral: 36/40!!! But U, U, IR, A. PM result has steadily declined with every attempt. Time for something new
  9. As a point of reference when results come out, I received my email last year at 5:56 pm on Monday 12/10 (Oct 2018 exam) from MA. Hang tight all, almost there .....
  10. I took the NCEES practice exam for Lateral, finished in 3 hours and got 36 or 37 out of 40! Real exam performance was not remotely close to that.
  11. Sounds like we were comparably close for lateral bldgs. Such a bummer right? I was 28/40; A,A,U,IR. That 3rd problem (General Analy) was awful, I kept flipping back and forth trying to get it straight in my mind; I went from Acceptable in the Spring to Unacceptable in the Fall on it, how does that happen?!
  12. MA came out late yesterday afternoon
  13. I dunno, after two attempts I don't know what is next. If I was younger I would leave this field for something different. I cannot imagine a way to be any more prepared than I was this time. It is an enormous commitment for a "competency" exam in which so much is riding on passing it. I wish I chose a different path; I certainly do not encourage anyone to enter this field.
  14. Very disappointed, 2nd lateral attempt.... AM: 28/40, PM: steel and concrete: Acceptable, Wood/Masonry: improvement req’d; General: Unacceptable. Whereas last Spring I got Acceptable on the General question. So annoyed!!!!!! This last General question was ANNNOYING AS HELL and it may have cost me the exam? But, who knows???
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