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  1. My license number just appeared on PALS (Civil Discipline, last name starts with B).
  2. Spring 2018 Exam Results released: 24-May Posts on EB that licenses are available on PALS: 11-June Net time: 12 business days Fall 2017 Exam Results released: 6-December Posts on EB that licenses are available on PALS: 20-December Net time: 10 business days Before this time they were not using PALS or it was the first time using PALS. I assume we get license numbers around 20 or 21 December this year...
  3. A quick look through some old boards makes me think we will get the license numbers at the end of this week or early next week.
  4. My last name starts with a B. Perhaps the updates are totally random, or grouped by discipline? Either way, I don't think I will feel comfortable until I have a license number.
  5. Mine shows the exact same thing as yours.
  6. NCEES shows that I passed, but I still don't have notification through PALS.
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