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  1. For the record, the only Russian I am is to get off work. (I am actually of east-German descent, which was Prussia when my ancestors immigrated, so I guess that’s kinda Russian?)
  2. Hee hee, it is clear I picked a good user name. Cheby Cheb cheb
  3. False. Choose one.
  4. @Roarbark I vote for @ptatohed, if for no other reason than to break up the...*murderous* love triangle.
  5. Peanut butter chocolate RX bar and black covfefe.
  6. Banned because it was YOU who first said, “the same thing.”
  7. Still a better love story than Twilight
  8. @ptatohed voted for @NikR @NikR voted for @JayKay0914 @JayKay0914 voted for @ptatohed
  9. Neither. I don’t know why i’m Replying.
  10. No, that would be misrepresentation, and I, as a PE, know better than that.
  11. Banned for saying “ban for using Morse code” in Morse code.
  12. Someone help me I have the mark of the beast as my rep
  13. Banned for playing right into my hand.
  14. They’re prolly looking for that darned cop.
  15. Banned because I’m your opponent! (to alleviate confusion, I mean that it was me you banned in the first place, regardless of @Audi driver, P.E.‘s response)
  16. To the doctor: you guessed wrong.
  17. A pirate walks into a bar with a helm wheel in his pants. Curious, the bartender inquired about it. The pirate responded, “arrg, it’s drivin’ me nuts.”
  18. Well, *I* didn’t vote for him. (sorry, @chart94)
  19. Mafia confirmed. No normal townsfolk would fail to recognize Star Fox 64!
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