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  1. To each their own, I guess. One thing I will say, there are A LOT of resources out there for the power exam, and next to nothing for the computer exam (and control systems, i’m Told), so there is a comfort factor there. Obviously, that doesn’t make the exam any easier, but I can understand wanting to feel like you’re on the right track.
  2. Looking forward to the next time you can join us. Side note, what is it about this time period and everyone getting so busy? Does it have to do with furlough season?
  3. Back on topic... In my state it’s not necessarily required that the exam you take *exactly* matches your work experience. I work in control systems, but took the Computer exam with the belief it would give me the best chance of success. Also, Control Systems and Electrical are considered different disciplines in my state, and I was applying to be endorsed in the electrical discipline, so that left Computer, Electronics, or Power. Computer topics are what I am best at. It’s unclear if I could have applied for an electrical and taken the control systems exam, but I was wanting to be endorsed in electrical anyway, so it didn’t matter a whole lot at the time.
  4. Banned for not finishing this.
  5. Banned because as long as i’m right in the end, it doesn’t matter who was first.
  6. Banned because you’re right; it’s @leggo PE‘s fault.
  7. Banned because the 49ers won last night.
  8. I believe the answer is B. It should be noted that acceleration should have the units m/(s*s), not simply m/s.
  9. Banned because whatever, dude.
  10. Banned because it wasn’t my decision.
  11. In that case...banned for gaslighting.
  12. Banned for victim blaming.
  13. Not complaining, just observing. Evidently I wouldn’t be the only one “observing” this about CA either.
  14. Small consolation for their strictness in all other areas of the licensing process...
  15. I think I see a “tradegate” happening in the near future...
  16. Lol. Dead if I do, dead if I don’t.
  17. 2 scrambled eggs with leftover grilled bratwurst, peppers, and cheese. Black coffee.
  18. It’s getting busy at my office, so a break would probably be needed for me.
  19. Strangely enough, there are a handful of states that don’t require PDH or CE to renew your license: (not sure how up-to-date the info is). WA state is one of them.
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