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  1. Pretty sure you’d need to pay me a decent WR for me to accept that offer...
  2. Dinosaur was a little girl and she is so darn smart
  3. I have a feeling it’s gonna get pretty drafty today.
  4. Banned because my perspective might be the only thing healthy about this megachonker.
  5. But you’re the best frienemy.
  6. Awesome moderating, @RBHeadge PE! Looking forward to the next one!
  7. @Road Guy did you get the email reminding you about the draft?
  8. Wow, kudos to you. One was enough for me. Must be something about John Camara’s books, I’ve heard mostly good things about Lindeburg’s material.
  9. I think I know, but dead men tell no tales.
  10. Thanks for clarifying, it does help. Out of curiousity, what was your experience with the PPI power books? I used PPI for the computer engineering exam and found the content to be both outdated and lacking.
  11. Psh. West coast is best coast.
  12. It’s not. It’s only 10:00
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