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  1. And you can thank the folks at NCEES for doing everyone favors in the past.
  2. Banned (both of you) for not accounting for time zone differences
  3. Nice. I planned vacation for the week of Christmas and week of New Years, but we are in the middle of a massive project for which I am a key player, so I left it open. I could possibly be asked to work during that time (specifically for travel to southern ID again)
  4. Odo was my favorite
  5. Also in theory I should only have 10 more work days left this year... fingers crossed
  6. Slept late SPAM (prolly needed it)
  7. Banned because the madness began 44 days ago.
  8. Banned for matter’s causality.
  9. Thanks for this advice. I actually broke down today and did just this. Hoping it helps me.
  10. I’ll take that as a compliment.
  11. Why did I get killed off first?
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