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  1. Banned for complimenting me on my measurements.
  2. Same here. Maybe that could be your kiddo’s designated media time? Otherwise our 3-year old likes building blocks, big legos and picture books.
  3. Don’t you hate it when you throw a bunch of ingredients together and a lovely loaf of bread comes out?
  4. Blueberry RX bar and black coffee.
  5. I see you like fishing. Catch anything good lately? I do like a good bass.
  6. Our GE washer gave out after a little under 3 years; the drive failed on us, and the replacement was as expensive as the washer. Replaced it with a (more expensive) LG. Love it. Counting down the days until our GE dryer also goes kaput.
  7. Late night repair might be a factor too. In our case, I was still able to open the garage door manually so we could park the cars in the driveway, so we didn’t have to deal with urgent repairs. I can see why it might be necessary in a bigger city, though.
  8. Pricing is probably different where you are, but $600 sounds pretty steep. When we had this problem a couple years ago we were charged $200 for replacement parts + labor; took about the same amount of time. OTOH, repairing springs is not something you want to do yourself, unless you have a death wish...
  9. Banned because I did my time.
  10. Microwave scrambled egg with turkey, cheese, chives, and bell peppers.
  11. I find it interesting that the homeless people are protesting the removal of the TV and not the removal of the house/foundation that was previously in the pile. Nevertheless, I throw a penny in the pile. There is now a “damn you, autocorrect” meme, several protesting homeless people, and a penny in the pile.
  12. Florida man with 20 tattoos wearing hot pink bra arrested
  13. I let the service lapse. The cable company confiscates the TV. There is now a “damn you autocorrect” meme in the pile.
  14. Banned for being disappoint.
  15. That’s funny...trolling doesn’t usually start until a few weeks before the exam.
  16. Dang it. There is now a “damn you autocorrect” meme, a fully-functional TV, and a re-incarcerated @ChebyshevII_PE in the pile.
  17. I’ve got my eyes on the Rainbird ST80-WIFI for mine; also allows control from your phone. You can attach an external rain sensor to it, so that the timer stops when it “actually” rains. Seems like there is the question of whether or not this is used in conjunction with the weather forecast, though.
  18. I made bail. There is now a “damn you autocorrect” meme, a fully-functional TV, and a penny in the pile.
  19. I get lonely without my prison loaves, so I fix the TV out of boredom. There is now an “incarcerated” @ChebyshevII_PE and a fully-functional TV.
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