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  1. Kale. Just kale. Should I listen to my horoscope?
  2. Per NCEES Candidate Agreement, small clocks are allowed. It doesn’t say anything about whether it can or can’t be digital; just keep in mind that if they are suspicious about your device, they may confiscate it. I brought a Casio F91W watch with me, which is digital. I used it because others (on this forum and elsewhere) used it and it didn’t draw suspicion from proctors.
  3. I took vacation the whole week before the exam, and spent it relaxing and spending time with family. I studied for maybe 2 hours that entire week; I had put in a lot and I decided I knew what I knew and cramming at that point wouldn’t help me much more. I also got a hotel the night before the exam and drove there the afternoon before. I spent my evening walking to and around the exam site and making sure I knew where everything was. Once I wound down, I watched football, then crashed early (like 8 or 8:30). Sadly I woke up around 5 and gave myself WAY too much time to walk to the exam site, but it didn’t turn out to be a huge deal at the end. I will say this though, check your hotel’s checkout policy if you go that route. If late checkout is a possibility, go for it; you don’t wanna be stressed about having to check out during lunch or anything.
  4. Banned because I’m Washingtonian and you should expect that by now.
  5. Banned for actually getting banned, then. (Sorry...)
  6. Banned for being horrendously wrong.
  7. Banned because I’m too tired to come up with a good reason to ban you.
  8. Banned because my work day just started.
  9. I’m switching to graveyard shift for a couple weeks, so my family and I had a late breakfast (close enough to lunch time, IMO) at iHop. Steak omelette with unlimited pancakes. So full...
  10. Banned for talking about beer during work time.
  11. TOTMI, it won’t matter once Eastern WA is it’s own state.
  12. Banned for attempting to one-up my previous ban.
  13. Banned for nitpicking.
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