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  1. ChebyshevII_PE

    2018 NFL - EB Pick EM

    Freaking patriots.
  2. ChebyshevII_PE

    What to do during a government shutdown?

    Doesn’t seem like a good use for my tax refund anyway...
  3. ChebyshevII_PE

    Flu season - who's catching?

    I’ve been sick for about a week, finally showing signs of being on the mend. It seemed like the flu at first, because I was dizzy, achy, and felt like I had a slight fever. Then my sinuses started hurting like all heck, and I realized it was probably sinusitis. Now just getting over lost voice and congestion. It’s funny, I almost never get sick, but it seems like I get sick all the time now that I have kids. Not really a flu shot guy...I’m not convinced of it’s effectiveness. Can anyone provide solid evidence for or against it sans any propoganda on either side?
  4. ChebyshevII_PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for joking about eastern Washington’s relatively small population size.
  5. ChebyshevII_PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned because a golf ball is not an Audi, no matter your definition of “drive.”
  6. ChebyshevII_PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for the missed wordplay opportunity: “banned-wagon.”
  7. ChebyshevII_PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned because the line your avatar references was ad-libbed. Banned for not properly appreciating a classic.
  8. ChebyshevII_PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned because your profile picture is of a fiiish.
  9. ChebyshevII_PE

    Computer or Electrical Engineering Degree?

    I have a degree in electrical engineering, but I’ve always had an affinity/passion for software. My first job out of college was to design database-driven web applications, and I transitioned to doing control systems/electrical engineering duties on top of that after the first couple of months. Even after 5 ish years, I’m still doing a lot of software development and engineering. I guess my point is that just because you have a specific degree doesn’t necessarily lock you in to a specific line of work, so I’d encourage you not to base your decision on that. With regards to EE vs CPE, it’s been my experience that a lot of these classes cross over. At my university, all electrical engineers had to learn some basic level of chip/microprocessor design and programming concepts; The biggest difference was that CPE was more programming/operating systems-heavy. Not all universities are like that, but I’m glad mine was, since I ended up taking the computer engineering PE years after. Most universities should offer electives in the other field if you decide to go one way or another. As a pre-engineering student, I would suggest looking online for some basic concepts and seeing if they interest you. There’s a lot of resources out there for processor design, for example, and CPE will have a lot of that. If you’re really interested in the subject, I used a book by David Money Harris and Sarah Harris called “Digital Design and Computer Architecture” on my PE exam, which is inexpensive on amazon and does a great job of explaining pertinent computer engineering concepts. For electrical engineering, take a glance at transistor concepts and maybe some power systems design. These subjects are daunting but they make up the core of EE; maybe you’ll find the subject interesting! One last thing: if you are considering a PE, you should be aware that most computer engineers do not feel the need to be licensed, whereas an increasing number of electrical engineers are seeing value in it. Good luck to you!
  10. ChebyshevII_PE

    Have you ever been "carded?"

    Washington issues those as well; I got one with my license. With the online databases, I wondered if they’d be any use, hence the question.
  11. ChebyshevII_PE

    2018 NFL - EB Pick EM

    Geaux Saints
  12. ChebyshevII_PE

    Have you ever been "carded?"

    I'm curious; how often do engineers get questioned about the validity of their license? For example, has another individual (customer, competitor, etc.) confronted you and asked you to provide proof?
  13. ChebyshevII_PE

    What to do during a government shutdown?

    I guess I recall my feelings, then...
  14. ChebyshevII_PE

    What to do during a government shutdown?

    I think the IRS was ordered to process refunds without being paid to do it. I actually feel bad for them (you may never hear me say such a thing about IRS agents again...).
  15. ChebyshevII_PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for banning the wrong person.