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  1. Soldering irons and I don’t get along very well. I almost always burn myself some way, some how.
  2. I was spamming in April 2019...
  3. I’m October 2018... 😬 Solder sucks SPAM
  4. Chebytaper and Squareshev! The dynamic duo!
  5. Nice. Glad to see i’m Not the only one around here who doesn’t prefer s’bucks. I prefer the darkest of dark roasts, myself. We really like Peet’s. Rwanda Bean sounds familiar...
  6. Apparently it’s coffee time for @LyceeFruit
  7. Woke up at 4 for no freaking reason SPAM
  8. @RBHeadge PE looks like the game needs us.
  9. ISFJ Degree is B.S. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Discipline is Electrical Work Field is Control Systems, Software, and Electrical Engineering (in that order)
  10. a / c = 4.8 4.8 + b = 11.8 11.8 / 6.0 = 1.96666667 c = 10, + 1.96666667 = 11.966666667 BUT c is an int, so the result is truncated. Therefore, c=11 And i’m Pretty sure the result would be the same in this case even if the truncation took place earlier in the process.
  11. Banned for...idk, something about you all conspiring against me.
  12. This is what happens when you submit head cheese. Don’t EVER go with the head cheese.
  13. Indeed. Actually I really enjoyed this one. Sure, the landscape is barren all on its own, but the sunset spanning for miles was nice.
  14. Basically dead center of southern Idaho.
  15. Haha, imagine that...I’m ahead of @RBHeadge PE!
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