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  1. If you think about it, sourdough bread loaves are basically like footballs. Coincidence? I think not.
  2. Seems like autocorrect is revealing something?
  3. Happy birthday, Mrs. headge!
  4. Today is a holiday for me.
  5. S’ok! I think people just tend to take me too seriously.
  6. Crap. Reads: not much different than yesterday, unfortunately. @squaretaper LIT AF PE isn’t around to claim that he is mafia, so that’s a little weird. @Roarbark, @RBHeadge PE, @jean15paul_PE, and @blybrook PE seem to be playing normally; I tend to have a hard time reading them. @NikR_PE has been kinda quiet. Not terribly unusual or suspicious. So I think I’ll start out the morning by voting... @chart94 I pick @squaretaper LIT AF PE until other information comes to light.
  7. I think he must have meant @NikR_PE?
  8. Lol. Putting yourself in as neutral. Good strategy.
  9. Read: @blybrook PE isn't really defending himself particularly well. I don't think that's terribly unusual, though. I don't recall him being terribly retaliatory. @DuranDuran and @SaltySteve going at it doesn't really provide any useful information, per se. @RBHeadge PE is still a three-eyed fish. Not terribly suspish.
  10. Don’t feel bad. He is a bear, so maybe he just had lunch.
  11. The "/s" was meant to signify that I was being sarcastic. (Thanks @RBHeadge PE) I fully agree with your assessment. I just thought it was funny those two sentences were put together.
  12. I'm guessing we found the reason NJ hates everyone.
  13. Haha, ya'll found it first. I should have guessed. Also, NJ.
  14. Ok, I've held off on posting here for a little while on this subject, but here goes. I used to completely identify with Morgan Freeman when he said that the solution to the race problem is to "stop talking about it" (This, to me, sounds a lot like the "I don't see color" mantra that's floating around lately). I think I now both agree and disagree with these types of statements; I agree in the sense that I should not treat anybody differently, in any sense, just because they are of a certain race or ethnicity (or gender, to pull that into the discussion). I no longer agree in the sense that we should simply ignore our differences or look past the systemic racism that exists. I honestly think these are two entirely separate issues, but are often taken to be one in the same (especially right now). As a white male in a predominantly white geographic region, I do often find it difficult to see the struggles that people that are not my race (or gender) experience. If there's one thing these past few weeks have helped me realize, it's that I'm not the only person "in the room," and the struggles that exist are very real and often overlooked (if not outright dismissed) by people in my race/gender. To be sure, it has been an eye-opening experience, and I feel like I can start making changes in my personal behavior to help bridge that gap. Maybe that won't completely solve the systemic issues in our society, but I feel like it's at least a first step. In terms of the engineering community's grading on diversity...I think we need to be sure to quantify the assessment a little more. Are we talking about hiring? Lack of harassment? Opportunity for advancement? I think the grade is different based on which you are talking about. For each of those categories, and from my limited perspective (obviously, I haven't worked everywhere, so I can't give an accurate score for the entire community), I think I'd give the following grades: In terms of hiring, I would say the community gets a B/B-. Like others have said, I think the engineering community does a good job of hiring people based on whether they can do the job, regardless of the race or gender of the person in question. A lack of hires seems to point to a systemic issue elsewhere (probably higher education, like others have suggested). In terms of lack of harassment, I would say the community as a whole gets a C- at best. In terms of opportunity for advancement, I would say the community as a whole gets a D at best. It's really difficult to quantify some of these, not just because I have a limited perspective, but also because a lot of these issues are invisible and difficult to prove. In light of these, my ratings are also influenced by what everyone else on this board has already said. So to all, thanks for helping me see some of these invisible issues. It is helpful.
  15. If I had to wear a mask 100% of the time, I would pick WFH hands down.
  16. I’m presuming here, but...don’t get any splinters while building decks.
  17. Because your insides stink?
  18. I’ll play. since I’m dogwood, does that mean I’ll be the one doing the borking this round?
  19. I’ve used it before, but you’re the first person to comment since I last changed it
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