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  1. Quesadilla and spaghetti squash burrito bowl.
  2. Why would you be bringing light bulbs into this conversation? I’m so confused...
  3. Also, Giants? I’ll bet E. Manning is having a kitten right now...
  4. I have a feeling this week is gonna suck for me. Again. Darned falcons.
  5. Whew, finally out of detainment. Never storming Area 51 again. Anyone else from here show up at the event?
  6. Eggs with onion, tomato, turkey, and mozzarella cheese. Black covfefe.
  7. thank you for your time and your experience with the new job
  8. Finally got home from work...big doin’s at my workplace. Looking like i’ll Be booked until next April, at least.
  9. It’s ok, i’m not licensed in denial either.
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