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  1. (Also, in for next game)
  2. You've got lots of help @JayKay PE is a fantastic mod! ...right, I guess I could help too...
  3. Game over. @txjennah PE was the last Mafia. @RBHeadge PE and @JayKay PE were the JoATs. That was fun! Thanks, everyone!
  4. No one was killed during the night. Remaining players: @jean15paul_PE @RBHeadge PE @DuranDuran @tj_PE @MadamPirate PE @JayKay PE @txjennah PE @LyceeFruit PE
  5. @squaretaper LIT AF PE was lynched by the town. The final vote was: 6x @squaretaper LIT AF PE (rb, duran, tj, madam, jk, lycee) 1x @MadamPirate PE (txj) 1x @txjennah PE (jean)
  6. Current vote, T-1 hour: 5x @squaretaper LIT AF PE (duran, tj, madam, jaykay, lycee) 2x @MadamPirate PE (rb, txj) 1x @txjennah PE (jean)
  7. 9pm eastern / 8pm central / 7pm mountain / 6pm pacific
  8. I'm about to be closer to 200 lbs than I am to 300 lbs for the first time in a while. Only about 30 or so more lbs to go before I'm at my goal weight.
  9. Congrats on the weight loss. I do intermittent fasting almost every weekday nowadays; this basically means I don't eat anything between the hours of 8pm and 12pm next day. At first, I felt awful being hungry all the time, but you definitely get used to it after a week or two. I imagine the same with fasting a whole day. Also, second the two boys and noise thing.
  10. Also, I apologize for my lack of responsiveness. Work is going to keep me away until 5:00 at least. Will check back in as soon as possible.
  11. Current vote: 4x @MadamPirate PE (rb, duran, tj, txj) 2x @squaretaper LIT AF PE (jaykay, lycee) 1x @txjennah PE (jean) Everyone's post count has been met.
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