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  1. Ok, @NikR moderates. So far have me,@tj_PE, @RBHeadge PE, @leggo PE, and @Ranger1316. Need some more... @chart94 @vhab49_PE @jean15paul @Roarbark @Audi driver, P.E.? (Feel free to tag other people) Also @JayKay0914 even tho she’s prolly too busy
  2. I could, but I am not as gifted as all the other past moderators at storytelling.
  3. Loop (not the first time in recent memory)
  4. Same. I didn’t get around to asking but we can start a new one if people are up for it...
  5. I guess i’m Not a Hawkeye fan, then.
  6. Looks like I dominated @chart94 this week. But in my other league all my good players busted. Hopkins and Kamara gave me a whopping 13 points combined. Wtf.
  7. Banned because it’s quite rainy here today.
  8. Morning sorry I didn’t get to work today
  9. Yellow is my favorite color, too.
  10. So as it turns out, we actually have the artisan. Sorry for misleading. But I did some research on the differences between the standard and the artisan, and it appears the biggest differences are 1) artisan has a bowl that is 0.5 quarts bigger, 2) artisan comes with a bowl with a handle, plus more attachments included, and 3) the artisan has a much bigger color selection. There doesn’t appear to be any difference in power or speed settings. source:
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