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  1. I’ve been to both a dentist and periodontist since this whole thing took off. They wear face shields and all the protective gear and screen everyone that comes in.
  2. DANGIT @Roarbark, assuming you aren’t maf...take care of my family for me.
  3. This has been a long enough week that I actually am taking a vacation day tomorrow. I normally hit my 40 by this time. Not so this week...
  4. I’m the MVC though! (most valuable Cheb, not some dumb framework)
  5. Why does MP lean townie but I’m neutral? :,(
  6. Banned for not hazing the new guy
  7. @tj_PE I’m a little suspicious of @MadamPirate PE today, so I’ll vote for her. Her retaliatory vote yesterday seemed suspish.
  8. Dat pupper doe @tj_PE I vote again @ChaosMuppetPE
  9. Heh. Voting JP was a bad move. 😁
  10. I aged 5 years just looking at this chart. Dangit.
  11. There’s reasonable evidence that because Jean was saved by the doc, that he is not maf. Therefore, bly’s vote is extra suspish. @tj_PE I change my vote to @blybrook PE
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